5 Beauty Tips For Runners To Prevent Breakouts

I’m a runner. HA! Can’t believe I’m writing that. While I don’t clock in major mileage, I finally feel like I am part of the club. Having sensitive skin, I’ve noticed that small breakouts started to emerge on my forehead because I’ve introduced a hat to my skin – something I haven’t worn in a very long time. It got me thinking… I have to add a few more steps to my beauty routine now that I’ve added a different workout to my life.

If you are a runner, I have 5 beauty tips for you to consider to help ensure clear and healthy skin.

5 Beauty Tips For Runners To Prevent Breakouts


Wear a headband: Running makes you sweat and the last thing you want to happen is have sweat from your scalp drip down and settle in your pores. The moisture wicking technology and stretchy fit of this headband keeps your hair in places and helps you concentrate on your run and not on flyaways and possible future blemishes.  Shown Nike Dri-Fit.


Use moisturizer that has SPF built in: Look out for a paraben free and non-greasy formula when making your next daily moisturizer purchase. Keep it light but effective. Shown: Yes to Carrots.


Deep clean your face once the run is over: There are very few beauty products that I pay for as a beauty blogger. As you can imagine, I have a basement FILLED with samples. I buy these Bliss toner pads because I LOVE THEM. After my run, I take my hat off and I wipe down my face – every single time. I trust that they give me a great clean when I can’t jump in the shower right away. Shown: Bliss Steep Clean Matifying Toner Pads


Take care of your running hat – clean it often: Don’t be like a boy and assume these items never have to be washed. You know better than that. Get that grime off of the inside of your cap. It’s all transferring onto your forehead which is a formula for disaster! Shown: Brooklyn Brewery Cap


Stay hydrated: Now that you are exerting more energy, your body needs extra hydration. If you don’t take in more fluids than you would on a typical day, your skin will begin to show signs of aging, become susceptible to blemishes and possibly develop skin problems like eczema and psoriasis.  WHAT? Just drink a few extra glasses of the good ol’ H2o! Problem solved.  Shown: Contigo Tranquel Water Bottle

Do you have any beauty tips you’d like to share that will help other runners? I would love to hear!


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  1. Holly wrote:

    LOVE this article! We’re runners too and experience a lot of these same skin issues. Thanks for posting!

    Posted 4.5.16
    • Vera wrote:

      So happy you liked it!

      Posted 4.6.16

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