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The 30 Day Money Challenge

The 30 day money challenge is all about building healthy financial habits in a matter of weeks. This process helps you become aware of the decisions you make that negatively affect your bottom line and puts you on the right path towards self-awareness and discovery.

30 Day Money Challenge

What impulse purchases do you waste money on throughout the week that you could avoid? How often do you buy lunch while outside of the home instead of brown-bagging it?

The 30 Day Money Challenge

the 30 day money challenge

Do you buy water instead of filling up a reusable bottle before you leave for work? There are so many small moves you can make that could really add up to big changes.

It’s time to start living smarter. Besides spending, let’s talk about investing. How often do you invest in the stock market?

Here’s a novel idea – every single time you think about buying something silly and useless, what if you took that exact dollar amount and bought a random stock instead? What would your life look like in 5 years?

The 30 Day Money Challenge rules

The 30 Day Money Challenge Rules

The 30 Day Money Challenge makes you look at your every move. It forces you to face YOURSELF and realize that… it’s actually YOU. It’s not your job. It’s not your town. It’s not your generation. Ok, sometimes it’s all those things.. but most often it’s just that macchiato.

My girlfriend and her husband didn’t come out with our group for almost three years. We never saw them. It was crazy. We would wonder what was going on!! Turns out… they were climbing out of debt. It was a HARD decision – but they were adults about it. Turned down EVERY party, dinner, BBQ…. because they COULDN’T swing it.

THAT is being REAL about your situation. I applaud them! Now, they have more money than all of us! LOL!!

save 10% of your paycheck

Start to learn to be a better budgeter TODAY by learning what you have in your pockets. Save! It’s a beautiful thing. Don’t listen to society when they tell you that you need the latest tech – they are liars.

Want to play? Here are the rules of the 30 day money challenge:

  • Save 10% of every paycheck that comes in the mail
  • Don’t go to any get togethers unless it’s at a friend’s house and you don’t have to buy anything to attend
  • Don’t order in / go out for dinner
  • Don’t buy anything that is unnecessary
  • Get on a food budget for the house – decide what that is ahead of time and stick to it
  • Brown bag your food for work
  • No outside coffee/tea – make it at home
  • As best as you can, try to eat from your pantry first before you go food shopping
  • Try to invest in some stocks – choose stable options. Even 5 shares. Get in the game.
  • Try to pay down one credit card.
  • Cut back. You know what you do.
  • Define your non-negotiables with your partner. For example, mine is heat. I don’t care how much it costs, I need the heat in my house at 74 degrees. Come at me.

The main rule of the 30 day money challenge is to make more than you spend. I will PROMISE you that once you start to see savings pile up, you will realize that all of that fast-fashion is nonsense. All of those restaurant dinners with friends every weekend… waste of money!

You can still meet up with people. Of course! But do it at someone’s house and grab a pie of pizza! Why do we have to spend $500 to see people we love? We don’t. What we should be doing is saving for our futures! Not spending $28 for a bowl of pasta.

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Document Where Your Money Goes

30 day money challenge for couples

Here’s the kicker. You need to document your purchases for the next 30 days. It’s important for you to see just how much you spent on groceries and movies and clothing and video games.

At the end of the month, when you look over everything … it will SHOCK YOU. Before we started, we were spending about $1300 on groceries! Can you imagine? What is wrong with us?! Now, we are much more careful!

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kids cooking

What do I expect from the budget challenge?

Once you are done with the 30 day money challenge, you will see where you stand and WHO YOU ARE as a person. You THINK you know, but you have no clue.

If you followed all the rules, you also will see what you can accomplish. We are creatures of habits. You THINK you can’t survive without that morning coffee from your favorite place, but you CAN. You really can. And it will save you $4×30= $120 a month.

If your spouse is doing it as well, that is $240 a month. Think about that! Now, think about the 3x a week you order in. Now, think about the 3x you go out to eat. Now, think about the impulse Amazon purchases that come to your door 2x a day. Now, think about how much all of that would look like in your bank account times 12. That’s some serious math.

Will you join me in this budget challenge?

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