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    How To Make BBQ Ribs On The Grill: Fast And Easy

    In this video, Bill and I show you how to make BBQ ribs on the grill OUR WAY. I know the “correct” way is to marinate them for several hours FIRST and then to slow cook them until the meat falls off the bone. Believe me, that’s literally how I want to eat them when I have a choice. HOWEVER, when dinner is coming up and I know that my three kids are starving, there is always option B – REALITY. You can make BBQ ribs in about 25 minutes and nobody will implode if they eat them. Is it wrong? Some BBQ enthusiasts might say so. But this hungry mom disagrees. Check out this recipe and I hope you reference it during a time of need. 🙂

    Ingredients For BBQ Ribs:

    Directions for BBQ Ribs:

    To see these directions in action, simply watch the video.

    • Coat each side with the dry rub (If you have time, you could marinate the meat in the dry rub for a few hours – but if you don’t, then don’t!).
    • Sear the meat over medium-high heat on each side for 7 minutes.
    • Coat with BBQ sauce and cook for another 7 minutes on each side or until cooked through.
    • You are done!

    Like I said, these BBQ ribs are for those families who are looking to for something quick and easy. Sometimes during the summer, we just don’t have the foresight to plan ahead. I didn’t marinate. I didn’t start making dinner the night before or the morning before or 6 hours before… but I still want BBQ ribs!! I refuse to let Pinterest stop me! LOL

    We can still eat the meat. It doesn’t have to be Epicurious perfect. It’s just dinner. We are going to eat again tomorrow!!! I think nowadays with the Internet, everyone is really so caught up on trying to land their own web show that we forget we are just trying to eat dinner. Enjoy, folks! Break some bread with your family and have a great night.

    But if you do end up making those 8-hour slow cook ribs… invite me over. 🙂

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    How To Make BBQ Ribs On The Grill: Fast And Easy

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