Jaclyn Smith Interview About Her Ready To Wear Collection At Sears (Plus $100 Gift Card Giveaway)

Last week, I had the chance to interview Jaclyn Smith about the launch of her latest Jaclyn Smith Interview About Her Ready To Wear Collection At Sears

The ‘Jaclyn Smith Ready to Wear’ collection, which has previously only been available in Kmart, is available now with top items in select Sears nationwide and the full assortment at, making the clothing line even more accessible to women across the country. The woman has a true love for this art. It’s never been about slapping her name on a label and calling it a day.  Not even at the very beginning. You could tell during our interview that this actress turned designer loved every stitch, every detail, and every pattern that was included in her line. From Jaclyn:

I think I wouldn’t be here today if I hadn’t done the day-to-day work. It’s not about putting your name on it, it’s about being involved, and I’m lucky that I have a great team. All different ages from all over the world, all different points of view go into making it what we want and one point of view, yes I’m totally involved, but I love hearing what they think.

I was wearing a little vintage leather jacket the other day, that I had gotten years ago. It is inspiring for a new jacket for fall, which they’re going to do, so I gave it to them, they look at it, and basically, it’s patterned. I’m a working mother, working woman. I’m all over the place multi-tasking, so I want it to be comfortable. I want the fabrics to feel good. That’s important to me now.

Jaclyn Smith Interview About Her Ready To Wear Collection At Sears

Not only did I get a chance to chat with Jaclyn, but I also had a chance to support group for women who are looking to grow their online businesses and go after their dreams. It is such a passion of mine! Jaclyn offered up such sound advice while discussing her drive and reason for creating and curating:

You need to educate yourself. You need to have a team behind you. Not only with the financial aspect, but in the design aspect. Where are you going, the location of your business – there’s so many of those things that go into saying, “Can you afford this?” What is your initial investment?  What are you going to get back at the other end?  I always think in a business you need five years to really see if it’s going to take off. Yes, things take off and then they might fall and then they might go up, but you need to give yourself five years to really see where you are and what your strong points are.


I’m a believer that you need to be involved in the day-to-day. You need to think ahead. You need to think ahead if, oh okay it’s selling now, if it doesn’t where does that leave me. You sort of need to go to the negatives to see if you can survive the negatives. Because business is up and down and challenging as we know today.  Life never stays the same and we have to be challenged with the times that we’re in, economically and politically.

Such sound advice!

Jaclyn Smith Interview About Her Ready To Wear Collection At Sears

The day we scheduled the interview was a special one! Sears opened up one of their stores to Jaclyn Smith’s fanbase and allowed them to line up and around and THROUGH the entire first floor for a full meet and greet. It was so exciting to see everyone waiting for their favorite Charlie’s Angel to make it down for a signing.

Jaclyn Smith Interview About Her Ready To Wear Collection At Sears

I’ve been to quite a few of these and I will tell you that Jaclyn Smith did not rush through the line. She spoke to every single one of the people who wanted to meet her. She took every picture and signed every item that made it through the door. It was truly wonderful to see.

Jaclyn Smith Interview About Her Ready To Wear Collection At Sears

After the guests got their autographs, they were able to check out the Jaclyn Smith Ready to Wear Collection available at Sears. What did they find? A curated collection of classic, sophisticated clothing, with quality fabrics, and ease of fit.

Bright and bold prints and colors

Mix and Match designs

Classically Feminine pieces

Affordable prices

Accessible to all women

The theme was simple. Jaclyn Smith wanted to make sure her customers felt their very best while wearing pieces from her clothing line. And she’s had some experience doing so. This designer is one of the first celebrities to develop a fashion brand, launching her Kmart collaboration and clothing line more than 33 years ago.

Jaclyn Smith Interview About Her Ready To Wear Collection At Sears

Jaclyn Smith Interview About Her Ready To Wear Collection At Sears

So, let’s talk about what truly inspired Jaclyn Smith’s latest Ready to Wear Collection for Sears.

Well, this was inspired by the California lifestyle. I wanted to incorporate very easy, very comfortable pieces with lots of florals, animal prints, and block prints. I used easy jersey pieces that could go from day to night. I think the goal of my collection is interchangeable separates, dress up, dress down. People go from day to night and don’t always have time to go home. I’m in one of my dresses from the spring collection, which is pretty lady like. I have it on with a pair of heels, but if I wanted to run around in the summer, I’d put a little sandal on with it and feel fine. It  also comes in navy.


I did a lot of capri jeans and then a mid-length short that you can roll up if you want for a tan. My blouses do really well – my slinky tees –  because I think my customer feels they can dress up a whole new outfit with just a blouse or a tee. They feel good on the body. I have my utility blouse with a zipper that has been brought back by popular demand. So it’s very diverse, and what we want is for my customer to build a wardrobe to realize it’s not a fortune. You make it your own, whether you need to take up a hem, let out, or nip in. No matter what I buy, I do those little things usually, to make it my own.

It truly really is all about making these pieces fit with your own personal style. I love that she really encourages that.
Jaclyn Smith Interview About Her Ready To Wear Collection At Sears

Jaclyn Smith recently did a layette with her daughter. How wonderful, right? I have to admit that this section of her line was the most precious! The designs were just darling!! I asked Jaclyn what inspired her to add the new focus to her brand.

Well, because my daughter had a little girl, Bee, and it was the inspiration behind the layette. She basically designed it.  It was beautiful colors, soft fabrics, 100% cotton.  Cotton blends. The touch, the feel of the fabric was very important to her. She used a lot of dusty colors, muted colors –  not the candy pink and sky blue. Very subtle celadon and … it’s very sophisticated.

Moms with little babies – get to Sears! Everything is so darling!! I cannot emphasize this enough. They also make great gift ideas. The bundles are perfectly packed. You almost don’t even need to wrap them. Jaclyn Smith Interview About Her Ready To Wear Collection At Sears

By the way, here is the exact dress that Jaclyn Smith was wearing during our interview and as you can see – it comes in pink and in navy blue! You can choose either option. I adored the way it looked on her and I am absolutely going to purchase it for my mother as a surprise for Mother’s Day! 
Jaclyn Smith Interview About Her Ready To Wear Collection At Sears

But for me… I had something else in mind. Right away, a patterned blaze caught my eye and I snagged it right up! I also bought a coral shirt and navy pants. Triple score!!!

Here’s my complete look. Want to create an outfit of your own? Now you can because I am giving away a Sears $100 gift card. How fun! Simply use the form below to enter. Contest will stay live for one week. US residents only.

Sears $100 Gift Card

You can also visit my Instagram account for a bonus entry! Leave a comment and like this picture as an extra entry. It is absolutely not mandatory to do. This contest is in no way affiliated with Instagram.

Jaclyn Smith Interview About Her Ready To Wear Collection At Sears

It was such a pleasure to meet Jaclyn Smith. I can’t wait to continue to follow along as she continues with her fashion adventures. To check out a few more pictures of the day, see below. Be sure to watch the full video interview to hear these quotes coming straight from Jaclyn Smith! She is truly an angel!

*this is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Jaclyn Smith Interview About Her Ready To Wear Collection At Sears Jaclyn Smith Interview About Her Ready To Wear Collection At Sears

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