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    A Summer Well Spent

    Summer Well Spent

    Summer well spent. That’s been the name of our game this year. We’ve been having such a slow and relaxing summer this year – I couldn’t have asked for a better one. Granted, I’m not working as much as I typically do and it’s affecting my bottom line, but my husband is picking up the slack with his blog. Thank Goodness For THAT! It is all working out in the end. I’m spending my days on the beach with the kids getting a sunburn on my nose and making memories with friends. We are all allowed a few of those moments, right? Everything will return to “business as usual” come September 1st I am sure. For now, I am relishing in these moments – because they are fleeting.

    Summer Well Spent with a Family Well Loved

    My son wakes up every morning and he finds his way into my robe. He cuddles with me and we stay this way for a half hour or so. He nestles into my clothing and listens to my heart without saying a word. I stay as still as I possibly can because I know that we won’t be doing these things for much longer. Or perhaps we will. I wish the latter…

    Summer Well Spent

    Meanwhile, my eldest is off at camp having the time of her life surrounded by great pals and singing her heart out. Every day we hear about dance moves and routines and summer gossip and ice cream dreams. 2017 is one for the books. I won’t ever forget – even when I am knee deep in decks and projection plans come the Fall. These pictures will last a lifetime.

    Smiles and sand and hugs and private jokes – that’s what it’s all about.

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