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Fun Mom Dinner: Chatting up the Cast on Mom Tribes, Karaoke and Date Nights #FunMomDinner

Thank you to Momentum Pictures for hosting us! 

Thank you to Momentum Pictures for hosting us! 

Lets’ be honest for a second, just because our kiddos sit next to each other at snack time and share cheddar bunnies or they give each other hi-fives on the field during little league games it doesn’t mean that us moms all have to be friends, right?  Motherhood is such a journey and you absolutely need a tribe of friends to lean on to laugh and cry through it all but sometimes the commonality of being a mama isn’t enough to forge long term friendships. Heck yes there will be a few mom’s you can’t stand and try to avoid at the PTA meetings or while chaperoning the field trip to the zoo, and that’s ok. I’d bet though if you gave it a chance you’d more than likely find that you have more in common than you think if you get together for a coffee chat, or if your bestie ends up neglecting to say who’s really joining you for a Fun Mom dinner!

In the comedy Fun Mom Dinner, four moms {played by Toni Collette, Molly Shannon, Bridget Everett, and Katie Aselton} whose only common ground is their kids’ preschool class, decide to get together for a harmless “fun mom dinner.” The night begins as a disaster, but the combination of alcohol, karaoke, and a cute bartender, leads to an unforgettable night where these seemingly different women realize they have more in common than motherhood and men.

When you sit down for a chat with this dynamic cast of women it’s assumed right away that the conversation will not only be honestly real, it’s going to be hysterically funny and the press junket a few of us NYC parenting bloggers attended was a riot!

Katie Aselton plays “Emily” the new mom to the school who’s marriage seems to be stuck in a rut  & ends up having a lusty moment with a bartender played by Adam Levine of Maroon 5.

As a mom with boys aged 12 and 6, I could totally relate to how Katie felt about making new mom friends and having a close knit tribe.

Katie:  By the time the second kid went to preschool, I was like, “Uh-uh,” ’cause you know why?  In a couple years, I’m never going to see you guys again.  We go to separate schools.  And, yes, this is a very intense experience for all of us, but, it only lasts for three years.  I need to invest in, the next school when we’re in it for a long time.  So no, I’m not going on that wine night and your camping trip and, this and that.  I’m good.

Life gets busy and sometimes date nights can dwindle down to just movie binges on the couch and ordering food through Seamless, which may be perfectly fine if you’re a couple that’s always on the go or works long hours but a lot of times you just have to spice it up. After seeing her recently on a morning talk show, and then meeting her in person I’ve already told my hubby our next date night will definitely be to a catch one of Bridget’s cabaret performances. I had the chance to ask the entire cast if they could go on an out of the box date what what would that be and it was so cute that Katie admitted to having the best dates with her hubby, where they are both connected and present in the moment.

Katie: I have great dates with my husband.  We have an oyster bar at the bottom of our hill.  I just love a night where we’re both in sync.  You know those nights where you’re like “Oh, you hear me and I hear you.”  That’s a dream date.  You can tell if someone’s, like, super distracted and you’re like, “You’re not hearing me.”

Toni Collette {Kate, the anti-social mom}, is all for a date night that includes great food, really good wine, and swimming naked under the stars.

Can someone sign me up too?! That sounds dreamy.

Karaoke has got to be a good way to bring clashing mama’s together after a few drinks and a passing of the peace pipe in a bathroom stall, don’t you think? If you caught Molly Shannon singing Karaoke { plays Jamie, the selfie addicted mom who’s divorced} she admitted it would be a toss up between “How Do I Live Without You, or maybe I Want to F*#@ You Like an Animal” and Bridget {drill sergeant class volunteer mom, Melanie} would be down for anything that has a bit of emotion and allows you to literally dive into a crowd like ” Piece of My Heart” or “You Oughta Know”

If you’re looking for a way to laugh off the chaos of parenting, grab your girls for dinner & a movie and belt out your fave tunes while bar hopping.  Make sure you bring your Unicorn Onesie!

Fun Mom Dinner is now in select theaters & On Demand, find it on iTunes Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | #FunMomDinner

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