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Let’s Talk About Zumba (And About How I Have NO Rhythm)

Last night, I attended a Zumba class at my old gym with a bunch of friends from my town. We were all Zumba newbies, so I didn’t feel so nervous about the whole thing. I knew I was in the room with people who were just as nervous as me.

I brought my camera because I was planning on having someone take a few pics / videos of the gals in action.

Then we started.

And I didn’t know what the HELL I was doing.

And that thought flew right out the metaphorical window.

Apparently, I have no rhythm. And I mean NONE. I thought I was able to dance to a beat. I thought I could hold my own… but that is SO NOT TRUE. It was comical. At one point, I just started dancing because I couldn’t do what she was doing. Or by the time I finally figured out the step, we were all moving onto the next move.

It was hilarious.

The best part was I kept thinking the class was over. The song would stop – I would clap (wishful thinking I guess) and then another one would start. For one hour, I made a complete fool out of myself. BUT I had a really good time and we all laughed a ton – which means a really great hour if you ask me.

Of course, after all that hard work was over, a dozen of us went to a Japanese restaurant for some appetizers and drinks. Basically, everything I burned off went right back in my mouth!!

DO you Zumba? Does it get easier? I really did have a lot of fun. I would be open to trying it again.

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  1. Zumba is AMAZING you have to go regularly and u get used to the moves the first time is a little hard but its worth it you should definitely keep going!!!

  2. I heart Zumba!

    I found it so easy because a lot of it is like the Latin dances I grew up with. It’s great workout. I bought the dvds and incorporate it into my workout routine.

    Keep at it. Once you know the routines it gets much easier!

    I’m sure you had a blast!

  3. It does get better as you keep going. Plus, my Zumba teacher is so awesome and so into it, it inspires you to want to keep up and enjoy like he does. Go back, it’ll surprise you how easy it gets.

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