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Hey guys! Chaucee here. Being able to maximize your wardrobe makes the monetary investment and time investment in pulling it together totally worth it.  Remixing is absolutely essential and should be able to apply to most if not all of our wardrobe.  To kick things of I’d like to talk about how I wardrobe remix in my own closet. Then let’s talk in the comments about how your remixing is going! As a university student, it’s essential to be able to remix every piece of clothing I own. This also translates into how I purchase items.

See this outfit here

One of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe that allows for remixing flexibility is this gray and white striped dress I got from Old Navy last summer. It translates perfectly between each season making it totally worth the investment!  Pictured above is how I wore the dress in the Fall. I tucked it underneath one of my favorite Gap skirts, belted it and added a cardigan. Simple! You can get creative and add a floral skirt instead of a solid skirt, as well as switch up the cardigan, belts, and accessories you use to pull the look together.

See this outfit here

This next look is from the heat of summer. For this look I just put on the dress and then tucked it into my shorts. I folded it so as to diminish a bunched up look around the waist (who needs the extra bulk anyways?). This method can only work for certain types of dresses. Try stuffing a tulle skirted dress down your pants and you’ll get what I mean. 😀

To sum it all up here are my basic tips:

  • Try adding a skirt on top of or underneath another dress to get a new look!
  • Find some shorts that have structure (jersey and cotton won’t do) and try turning a dress into a top.

What is one of your favorite pieces in your wardrobe to remix? Let’s talk about remixing tips and faux pas in the comments!

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