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Last night, Bill and I went to check out a new restaurant that opened up in Island Park, Long Island called ‘Stone Turtle‘. If you follow my blog, you know that my husband is obsessed with being green and eating organic. Well, this restaurant catered to both of his needs thanks to Executive Chef Gregory Baumel. Ingredients are locally produced which means we got to feast on only the freshest of food.

Let me tell you a quick back story. Many, many moons ago I went back to school to get my Masters in Special Education. {Editor’s note: I never completed it because I got pregnant and was put on bed rest- I have 5 more classes to go if I ever wanted to finish it up} I had to take classes at ‘Christ the King’ High School in Middle Village every weekend. After the class I would RUN to this local hole-in-the-wall pub ran by an Irish mother and her two sons. This woman cooked everything and everything she cooked was amazing. The wait was ridiculous – but the chicken pot pie was the best I ever had. For 8 weeks straight I ate chicken pot pie every Sunday. Not kidding.

I’ve been severely limiting my dairy intake as of late, but could not resist giving Chef Baumel’s version a go. Check out that picture. People were coming up to me saying how amazing it looked. And it tasted JUST AS GOOD. Very reminiscent of that pub version made by the woman from Ireland who I never forgot. It felt so good to eat something so delicious!

I also had mini bison burgers plated over phyllo buns and topped off with Chipotle mayo. So scrumptious!

Bill enjoyed his dishes as well. He had a hanger steak and a lobster crab cake which he raved about during the entire drive home. “Can you believe how good that lobster was?” Yes, Bill – I can believe it (for the 5th time).

And if I didn’t bring up the staff, I would be doing this place a disservice. The ladies who took care of us were ah-mazing. At one point, I was going to invite them to sit down with us because we were having such a laugh!

All in all – if you live in the area and are looking for a great night out, give Stone Turtle Restaurant a chance. You won’t be disappointed.

Oh and if you are a little daring, this menu takes things up a notch. How’s antelope burgers and wild boar sausage lasagna sound to you? My husband – the foodie – was in HEAVEN.

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