20 Beauty Tips And Tricks That Will Rock Your World

I’ve been meaning to write up this beauty tips and tricks post this for quite some time. In fact, I’m hoping to get something like this out every few weeks. Women are always so busy, but we still want to take care of ourselves to the best of our abilities, right?

beauty tips and tricks

Less effort … but with the biggest bang for our buck! That’s my motto anyway. 🙂 I put together my top 20 beauty tips and tricks that I know will rock your world. Small things that you can do that will change your look in an instant. 

I’ve struggled with problematic skin my entire life and have had to lean on these beauty tips to help correct adult acne, unexpected boils, dull skin, rosacea and more. When I tell you I have it all, please believe me! 

If you have any beauty tips and tricks that you’d like to share, leave it in the comment section below. I am all ears! The next time I do one of these round-ups, I will use your tip and credit you.

If you are a blogger, please leave your link for credit. I hope one of these beauty tips will help you clear up any beauty woes you might be dealing with today because we all know that when you don’t LOOK your best – you don’t FEEL you best. 

20 Beauty Tips And Tricks That Will Rock Your World

vapor rub for cracked feet

Do You Suffer From Cracked Feet?

If you suffer from cracked feet and don’t have time to get to the salon to schedule a pedicure, I have an at-home solution for you to consider. Have you ever tried to put Vicks Vapor Rub on your soles before bed? Cover your feet with socks and get a good night’s sleep. Wake up in the morning and see a noticeable difference!

Uncut Cuticles

If you need to tend to your cuticles and it’s been a while, I have a maintenance tip for you. Rub some Vaseline or olive oil on each of your cuticles every few days and watch the difference.  They will begin to soften.

Perfume First

A lot of women struggle with the fact that their perfume doesn’t last very long after they spray their favorite scents in the morning. Here’s a simple idea – spray your perfume on first and then your lotion. Your scent will last longer.

Beauty Tip #4: When applying facial moisturizer, be sure to circle pat upwards. Never pull down on your skin.

Beauty Tip #5: Primer is important. It’s not just an add on. If you are in your 30s or older… be sure to apply prior to foundation.


Beauty Tip #6: Go to sleep with a clean face. Wash your face with soap, apply toner (this one is my favorite) and then go to bed. Don’t add night cream unless you absolutely need it. Your skin needs to breathe.

Beauty Tip #7: When applying moisturizer, bring it down to your breasts. You have to cover your entire neck. To be safe, I always also cover the part of my breasts that are outside of my bra.

Beauty Tip #8:  It’s an oldie but a goodie – drink water. Lots of it.

Beauty Tip #9: When you blow dry your hair – do not flip all the way over to add volume. Push your hair forward from the back of the top of your head. That’s where you want the volume – not by the base of your neck.

dead sea mud mask

Beauty Tip #10: Masks are your friend. Do one at least once a week. This brand will last you a while.  If you have the time, aim for 2 or 3. Don’t have money to buy one? No problem! Make one at home using the food in your kitchen. There are plenty of recipes online to choose from.

Beauty Tip #11: You deserve to take care of yourself. Remember that.

Beauty Tip #12: Want to make your eyes pop? Line your bottom lids by your tear duct with nude eyeliner. It will push out your mascara and make your eyes pop.

Beauty Tip #13: Don’t be afraid to mix foundations. I use two different colors to come up with my color.

Beauty Tip #14: I know those baby wipes are really easy to use, but don’t use them to take off makeup. They are bad for your skin.

dry shampoo

Beauty Tip #15: Dry shampoo (this one is cheap and works) is your friend. If you haven’t started using it yet… you are missing out.

Beauty Tip #16: It’s not only about black or brown when it comes to eye makeup. Get purple, green or gold! It will make the world of a difference.

Beauty Tip #17: Laser hair removal works and it’s the best thing since sliced bread. It will change your life!

Beauty Tip #18: Tinted moisturizer is a great product. I wear it 90% of the year. It’s a two-in-one for busy moms and gives just enough coverage to get through the day.

mascara wand

Beauty Tip #19: Don’t go to the bathroom without wearing mascara. It’s like clothing for the face. You can’t leave your house without it.

Beauty Tip #20: Want your manicure to last a little longer? Apply clear polish every few days.

beauty tips for 2020

Do you have any beauty tips that you’d like to share? Let me know about them! Leave your ideas in the comments below.

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  1. I love these tips! Especially about wearing the mascara – I don’t leave home without it either!

    Posted 5.17.12
    • Vera wrote:

      Thank you! Much appreciated 🙂

      Posted 5.17.12
  2. Great tips! Love these. Curling my eyelashes is also a must for me. Nothing makes me look more awake and alive than having curled eyelashes!

    Posted 5.17.12
    • Vera wrote:

      great tip! have to try that!

      Posted 5.17.12
  3. Great tips. Love the Vick’s Vapor Rub tip for cracked feet. That’s a must for summer!

    Posted 5.17.12
    • Vera wrote:

      THANK YOU! 🙂

      Posted 5.17.12
  4. Lynn wrote:

    I know i should but I can’t seem to remember to use lotion and sunscreen on my neck and decolletage. Love the Vicks for crack feet, will let mom in on that:) i heard vicks is also good for nail infections. Entry for Limited GC

    Posted 5.18.12
  5. Shana D wrote:

    I’ve heard of putting lotion on your feet at bed time but never vicks. Will have to try this. Thanks for all the fabulous tips!

    Posted 5.18.12
  6. Great tips Vera – Never new about Vicks, trying that one!

    Posted 5.18.12
  7. Sharon wrote:

    Thank you for the awesome tips! I will definitely have to try the Vicks one.

    Posted 5.19.12
  8. Katie wrote:

    Great tips! I definitely agree that mascara is like clothing for the face! I like to use two different mascaras, one coat of lengthening and one coat of volumizing (or more ha-ha) If you find two good formulas it really makes a big difference. Drugstore: CG lashblast (orange tube) + CG lashblast length (yellow thinner tube)/ Higher end=Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes+MAC Zoomlash=GORG

    Posted 5.20.12
  9. scarlet55 wrote:

    i use dry shampoo , real good stuff and these tips are awsom

    Posted 5.26.12
  10. Mascara is best to make our look more glamorous and flirty. I always apply mascara to my super curled lashes. It is best to enhance our eyes. But if we wear mascara on daily basis it is important that we always remember the guidelines of using mascara to prevent our eyes from damages.

    Posted 6.11.12
  11. Karen wrote:

    Don’t ever use plain soap n water to cleanse your face, as it is very drying to the skin. You want to always use a good cleanser before bed, to remove all of the enviromental radicals on your face. ALWAYS use a foundation, it is a barrier against the enviroment as well. For every night, that you don’t wash your face, you’re adding 7 days to your skin…so go 3 nights without washing, you’re adding 3 wks.
    Vicks is also good to get rid of fungus infections in your nails.
    Mary Kay’s eye makeup remover is gentle enough, you can use to remover all makeup, without leaving it feeling oily, as it has no oil in it.

    Posted 7.20.12
  12. haley wrote:

    Tip: if you have a manicure, & you are really iffy about germs. By spraying alcohol under your nails, it will prevent fungi from growing under the acrylic (:

    Posted 7.22.12
  13. Nancy wrote:

    Vick’s on the feet is a great tip! I use it several times a week, and it really helps moisturize my skin and prevent cracks. Because it has camphor oil, it’s anti-fungal, too. I find it is also very relaxing.

    Using olive oil will remove even the toughest make-up and moisturize your skin. It even removes dark circles under the eyes.

    Last tip: keep a notebook to list terrific tips like these!

    Thanks! <3

    Posted 7.24.12
  14. Zoe Slaughter wrote:

    NEVER use chapstick or lip moisturizers with wax in them, they dry out your lips worse than they were before you put it on. Try vaseline lip therapy in the squeeze tube or burts bees, works wonders. 🙂

    Posted 7.25.12
    • MaggieJ wrote:

      Burt’s Bees chapstick is wax based! Just saying….(I do love it though)

      Posted 7.19.13
  15. becks wrote:

    thanks so much this helped a bunch some old tips and new love it

    Posted 7.26.12
  16. Great tips Vera! I know I will get good use out of these tips – What is your number one must have product?

    Posted 7.29.12
  17. Kathleen wrote:

    Great tips! One that I also use is doing an apple cider vinegar rinse every few weeks. It helps take off some of the shampoo/conditioner residue and leaves my hair really soft and silky.

    Posted 7.31.12
  18. Briana wrote:

    I have to disagree with the last tip. If you add multiple coats of clear polish it will make your polish thick and it will peel off just like plastic. Know from experience!

    Posted 8.9.12
  19. K wrote:

    Are you serious? These are the worst beauty tips I have ever read… Far too basic and lacking in factual basis.
    “Beauty Tip #14: I know those baby wipes are really easy to use, but don’t use them to take off makeup. They are bad for your skin.”… They are bad for your skin…. Why? in what way? Don’t tell half a story.

    And to convince people that they should wear mascara to the bathroom, like women need makeup to go everywhere. What about celebrating NATURAL beauty.

    Posted 8.18.12
  20. Britt wrote:

    I agree with K on this one. Although some of these might be good tips there is no explanation as to why we should be doing them. One I would really like an explanation for is Beauty Tip #6.

    #6: Go to sleep with a clean face. Wash your face with soap, apply toner and then go to bed. Don’t add night cream unless you absolutely need it. Your skin needs to breathe.

    How does this tip make any sense. Moisturizer is good for your skin. I do not believe this tip unless you give me an explanation because it goes against everything we have always been taught.

    Posted 8.30.12
  21. Deby wrote:

    Just came across your tips….Great! I have to agree with Tip#6…I buy all my make-up from a Health Food store…and they told me never to moisturizer at night…that is when the skin needs to breath..I wash with a milk cleanser and then toner. Use your moisturizer during the day when it is needed the most.

    Posted 9.21.12
  22. Waffles wrote:

    What r Vicks? N is it bad for 14 yr olds to wear toners n mascara everyday??? But i love all da others 😀

    Posted 9.21.12
  23. Paige wrote:

    The “no night cream” tip is false. Your skin needs that hydration.

    Posted 10.2.12
  24. Tammy Sides wrote:

    I love coconut oil for several uses. After a couple of years of trying everything on the market for dry lips I tried coconut oil on them. In less than a week my lips had a whole different appearance. The dry cracked appearance is totally gone. I just keep an empty prescription bottle with the oil in it and just dab some on every chance I get.
    Coconut oil takes off mascara like it was never even there.
    I have been using coconut oil on my face at night and love the results. Last night for the first time I used the oil on my face first and when it had absorbed some I topped it with cocoa butter vaseline and my face feels so soft this morning.
    You can google uses for coconut oil and a site will come up that says 52 uses for coconut oil. It has some great uses for it.

    Posted 10.5.12
  25. whatever wrote:

    I like most of these tips but sometimes you need to air out your eyelashes, or they tend to become short and dried out…

    Posted 10.8.12
  26. i would like to add that to take makeup off- just use any standard make up or baby wipes- add a blob off babyoil onto wipe- and its takes off all waterproof makeup in one easy go- baby oil- also good in a nice hot bath- (just a few squirts or drops judge yurself on the qauntantity)it will leave your skin soft and moisturised for days- ( i also sometimes add a drop to my final rinse when washin my hair- it makes your hair lovely and soft wen youve blowdried) (also it gets rid of dandruff if you have a flaky scalp) (if you have kids- pour a bit of babyoil in sink witha few drops of oilbas oil or eucoliptus oil and wash there hair with it- it gets rid of head lice bcoz 1- the oilbas has a menthol ingrediant that kills lice and 2- the lice wont be able to stick to the hair- much cheaper than buyin nit lotion! if yur in the uk- u can get the oilbas oil and babyoil from b an m, or any pound shop- i wud also like to add that cherish make up wipes for mature skin are excellent makeup wipes for takin make up off with_(they sell them in bodycare uk shops at 69p-) 🙂 also bodycares natural clear lash 1.99p is ace- it really does make yur eyelashes grow longer and fast-

    Posted 11.3.12
  27. alluring wrote:

    thank u much, great tips. but the night cream one is not right.i use it on daily basis n actually find my skin way more hydrated :”)

    Posted 11.11.12
  28. Alicia wrote:

    Is tip#17 true. i’ve heard its pretty expensive and a complete waste of time and money. I have light but long hair all over my body and i think nobody is gong to like me for that. 🙁
    Somebody please help me.

    Posted 12.2.12
    • Marisa wrote:

      Tip #17 is true. It is expensive, but it is definitely not a waste of time, you just need patience. My sister and I both have very long, dark hair all over our bodies; she started doing laser treatments a few months ago and her hair hardly grows back at all now, and shouldn’t after her last few treatments. It makes me wish I had started doing them with her!

      Posted 3.4.13
  29. Betty Barry wrote:

    I’ve been using moisturizer for years and just recently started washing my face with spring water at night to take a break from moisturizer and I couldn’t believe that nice feeling, and ready to start a new day with moisturizer in the morning.

    Posted 2.17.13
  30. Chetana wrote:

    Hi Vera,

    Great article.

    I do have an article in my site related to fairness tips. Kindly check it below. Probably few of tips you can use in your next articles.



    Posted 2.21.13
  31. JJ wrote:

    You can just trim your hair with an electric razor. Use a guard if you need too ( no stubbles) but you said your hair was light so that should help tons. I think that will help

    Posted 2.24.13
  32. Faney Diana wrote:

    Intake of more carrots and orange juice will enhance your skin beauty.

    Posted 2.27.13
  33. Lisa wrote:

    Another tip for great curly lashes..
    Instead of using an eyelash curler use a spoon. Before applying mascara get a spoon and hold it face down. Grab your eyelashes with your thumb with the edge of the spoon and curl. Try to not pull so hard or you’ll pull some lashes out. Then apply mascara. You can also use the lash curler afterwards for more exaggeration

    Posted 3.1.13
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  36. Leanne wrote:

    I did not know that Vicks vapor rub can heal cracked heels. These are really great simple beauty tips for most of us. I really like the dry shampoo, I just hope you could enlighten us more as to what benefits it can give us.

    Posted 4.28.13
  37. Elizabeth wrote:

    I wash my face at night, and put on primer and BB cream before makeup in the morning. I don’t even use foundation anymore. I don’t wash my face in the morning. A lot of people are amazed that I don’t because I have oily skin and am prone to acne and this works perfectly for me. Maybe if you have dry skin you need to clog your pores every night with moisturizer? Idk… But I do know that harsh acids and stuff do not work. Someone asked me how I kept my skin so clear when I was in high school… I said… soap? I used a dove bar every night before bed…and to this day it still works. I’m 29. I also only exfoliate every other week. I’m trying the vicks thing for my heels though!

    Posted 5.27.13
  38. Brilliant idea, thanks for share inspiration for me 🙂

    Posted 5.28.13
  39. Vee Marcus wrote:

    I recently had a scab on my piercing. What I did was used some vicks on it. I also found bio oil to aid the hydration and clear the scab completely.

    Posted 6.25.13
  40. Yasri wrote:

    Love the Vick’s Vapor Rub tip for cracked feet. That’s a must for summer!

    Posted 8.22.13
  41. Yasri wrote:

    I don’t wash my face in the morning. A lot of people are amazed that I don’t because I have oily skin and am prone to acne and this works perfectly for me.

    Posted 8.22.13
  42. Beki wrote:

    oooh some great tips!! i will defo be trying tip#9 because my hair is so flat 🙁 thanks for sharing

    Posted 9.25.13
  43. Jane donoughue wrote:

    These tips are great, and they are quick easy things to do. And I also believe that you shouldn’t leave your house without mascara, that is a definite no no mascara is a girls best friend. ; )

    Posted 10.26.13
  44. andy wrote:

    why are baby wips bad for the skin??

    Posted 1.4.14
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