14 Days To A New You #ProjectMeAgain: The Ultimate To-Do List To Help You Achieve A Stress Free Life



Oofa! This one is going to be hard – and yes, I said “going to be” because I am in the process of working this out AS WE SPEAK. Today, I am asking you to take a look at yourself and really own it. Own it all. Every last pound. Every last inch. Every last piece of you. All the parts that you love and all the parts that you hate – be accountable for them all.

I’ve spent so much of my life making excuses or talking myself UP.

“You have three kids girl – you look GREAT!”

“So what you are ten pounds overweight – you’re married and happy!”

It doesn’t matter that none of your clothes fit you. That just gives you an excuse to buy more!”

“You deserve that ice cream. Screw it!”

Exact thoughts that have raced through my brain. And sometimes I can get away with it. Sometimes, my inner voice is so convincing that I can go weeks and feel good about myself. But then – an event will come up where I have to wear a dress, or a bathing suit, or a particular article of clothing that a brand sent that I just can’t squeeze into… and everything shatters.

I have finally stopped lying to myself.

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I joined a gym yesterday. I ran into a friend who looked AMAZING – like drop dead gorgeous amazing –  yesterday after church and I just about fainted. She got it together. She did it. Perfection. There’s no other word. I raced right up to her and asked her WHAT SHE DID and she told me that she stopped with the bull**** and just got it together. She joined a gym, got with a trainer (which is super expensive but totally worth it) and kept on top of her eating habits. In 8 months, she lost 35 pounds. That rate isn’t impossible. That rate is a reasonable rate and a pace that I feel is POSSIBLE.

She looked me DEAD IN MY FACE and said that if she could do it then so could I and you know what? I believed her. My friend has 4 kids and works just as hard as I do at her job. There’s no time in the day but she found some and carved it out for her HEALTH.

Well, I’m going to do it too. It’s been growing inside of me. It’s been brewing. The seed was planted a while ago, I just haven’t nourished it. I’m sick and tired of being unhappy about it all. It’s time for action.

I’m not having any more children. That phase of my life is over. It’s time to claim my body back. No fake fads. No juice cleanses. No wraps. Just a healthy diet and an exercise routine that is manageable.

And it’s starting this week.

Will you join me?

Check back in a few days for the next challenge.

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