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10 Things I Learned By Binging Schitt’s Creek

Admittedly, I’m a little late to the game, but I committed hard to Schitt’s Creek when I finally decided to give the comedy a chance and then didn’t blink for three weeks until I was completely done with all six seasons. That included breaking for Amazon Prime commercials, the occasional YouTube derail where I looked for bloopers, award show speeches, and current project details, and my daily sessions where I would clock into stalk David Rose… err… Daniel Levy on social media. I’ve been busy.

10 learned binging schitts creek

10 Things I Learned By Binging Schitt’s Creek

But through it all, I’ve accumulated some serious life lessons – ones that I needed to see, feel, and embrace through all the dry humor and witty back and forth banter. I thought I would share my takeaways with you in case you are a dork like me looking for this sort of content.

Even If You Crash, You Can Still Get Back Up

I liked the way that the show showed a slow uphill climb for the Roses. They clearly lost everything, but not their drive or intellect. No mishap can take that away from someone and this story certainly showed that. Despite being a comedy, you have to admit that this journey was heartwarming to watch. No one gave up.

Priorities Change And That’s Ok

This was perhaps my favorite part about the whole entire show. I must confess that I was thankful that I watched Schitt’s Creek in the middle of Covid because I had a reawakening over the last year.

The August before our first lockdown, I spent almost $20,000 on a family vacation cruising around the Baltic Sea. Why? Absolutely no reason.

We took the kids as far as Russia – just because. We hit up 7 countries because we wanted them to experience the world and now I look back at that sort of spending and realize how ridiculous and borderline batshit crazy it all was. My priorities shifted in a major way after a UNIVERSAL and GLOBAL FALL, but I see so much clearer now about what’s really important and I am so thankful for it. I love watching that storyline play out on the show because I can relate in a very specific way.

I Need To Make Better Breakfast Choices

Whenever Moira is in the cafe and she is picking at a fruit bowl and a black coffee, I literally JUDGE myself and the cream donut I just scarfed down for breakfast. It’s that simple. Moira made me have fruit today. Not some fancy magazine or a personal trainer… it was six seasons of Moira. I have been officially influenced.

Dressing Up Every Single Day Is IT

I was born in Manhattan and raised in Queens. I was very black is the new black for many years. Then I moved to Long Island a decade ago and started to lighten things up because it’s all very Vineyard Vines where I live. But that’s not who I really am. I’ve always felt like I was playing a part.

After 6 seasons of Moira literally just remaining true to who she was – looking absolutely out of place and never changing – it really resonated with me. And I mean that in the best way possible. I need time to readjust my wardrobe because I don’t want to spend a trillion dollars reinventing myself in one month, but I am just going to be me. And yet again… that’s on Moira.

A Promise To My Kids

You know that scene when Patricks’ parents came to town and they found out their son was gay and for a split second it was playing out that they were so angry? But then it turned out that they were just upset that their son didn’t feel comfortable enough to go to them with their truth? I. was. sobbing.

I was so angry for those few moments when I fell for the little trick – when I thought they were upset. I was upset for David and Patrick. I didn’t want David to be in that situation, especially on that special day. But then, when it was more about a fear of honesty and communication I realized that I needed to be sure that I fostered that same relationship with my children. So far so good. But this is serious. I need to make sure my children are always comfortable with telling me anything. I never want them to fear opening up.

I was so afraid for these fictional characters and then, for a split second, I was so afraid for my own children. I never want my children to fear me. Sobbing.

It’s Never Too Late To Change

Moira and Johnny weren’t the best parents and they finally found a way to reconnect with their children – much later in their lives – but thank goodness for that! This is also another great lesson. We don’t have to be stuck in whatever definitions we have for ourselves. If we think we aren’t fit, we could start working out even at 50. If we always wanted to go back to school, we should do that. And yes, if we feel like we failed someone – there is time to correct that.

Still Thinking About That Store

This is super personal, but this is my blog. So, let’s go. Phase 1 of my life was always social media / blogging. Phase 2 of my life was supposed to be opening up a store. Phase 3 was the tail end of my life where I was supposed to round it out just writing books until I wasted away and rode off into the sun.

I made a decision a few years ago that phase 2 was just too difficult for me – time wise. To own a store would require an incredible amount of sacrifice out of my day. But watching David in his store – episode after episode – has me pining back for phase 2. Truth be told, this is something that will stay on the backburner because realistically I know it will take over my life and I don’t want to give up all of my time but still, it has me dreaming!

I Need To Stop Being So Negative

I’m David Rose. When I go on social media and tell people that I love Schitt’s Creek so much, everyone always sends me gifs of Alexis. This makes sense because I am a woman and I’m tall and white and I have blonde hair – whatever. Physically, I get it. People automatically assume I am the ditsy blonde and that is a stereotype I have to live with. I don’t care – it is what it is.

But I am LITERALLY NOTHING LIKE ALEXIS. We couldn’t be more further apart as people. I appreciate her as a person, but… no. David is my spirit animal with a huge dollop of Moira thrown right on top. I am miserable and jaded and self-centered and very NY. There are certain quotes that are in the show from both those characters that are pretty much life-mottos. I have recorded them and sent them out to friends because the resemblance is uncanny.

This leads me to the notion that I need to lighten up. When Patrick was about to propose to David and they were on that hike, I was laughing because I don’t do hikes. I would have been just as miserable. And then, I realized that it all sounded so awful. And guess what? That’s me every freaking weekend when my husband drives me out to the North Fork to spend a full day touring out East. I am MISERABLE OMG. I have to stop!

Some things need to be kept inside. I think Schitt’s Creek is going to help my marriage moving forward… I’m serious. My husband will benefit from me watching David being so miserable because it was like a mirror. An ugly mirror that needed a wipe down.

Really Look At Your Friends

I think another important point that Schitt’s Creek makes over and over again is that the people you value might not always be in your circle. It was continuously made clear that no one from the Rose’s past ever came forth with a dollar to help them out in their current situation. Only when Moira was presumed dead did gifts come pouring in.

It was the new friends from the small town that showed true friendship to the Rose clan. I think this was a hard lesson for them all but one that was heard loud and clear. It’s important to reassess your friends from time to time and see who really serves you.

You Can Find Happiness Anywhere

There is no end game – no moment that will change the landscape for someone personally. It is just a decision where you choose to tap into the happiness emotion. Moira was waiting for her big return. Alexis was waiting for love. David was looking for success and love and the perfect temperature for his sweaters, Johnny – redemption. In the end, they found joy within the small moments once they gave in to their decisions.

When Alexis refused to leave with her old friends and become an assistant on the road so she could focus on her new PR company, she chose happiness. If she left and returned to her old life, she might have had money and clout, and world travels back under her belt – but those rung old bells. Alexis had evolved into someone new who needed new things. Her personal joys required new definitions.

I think once we shift our perspective and realize that we could find happiness in our own backyard, life gets easier.

What Is Wrong With Me?

Why did I write this? I don’t know? Because I love Daniel Levy and I didn’t know what else to do to support him. So, that’s my story. If you haven’t watched Schitt’s Creek yet like me – get on it. It’s on Amazon Prime right now and it’s free with commercials. Worth every second.

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