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ZeroWater Water Filter Pitcher

I drink water from the tap but only at home. I have a complicated filter system on my kitchen faucet that, honestly, stopped working months ago. For all I know, I could be drinking liquid lead from my faucet. I was on the lookout for an easier filter system and met some ZeroWater people at an event. I was happy to hear about ZeroWater and try it out myself.

ZeroWater was founded by a family who found it bothersome to have to constantly buy bottled water. They came up with the ZeroWater Water Filter Pitchers, with TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meters. The TDS meter measures the presence of things like metals and flouride in your water. One comes with each pitcher. The FDA requires that purified bottled water achieve a TDS reading of between 000-010. The ZeroWater water filter system guarantees water at the 000 level, which means it removes almost all contaminants.

When I first received the 10-cup pitcher with the meter, I was expecting something as complicated as my previous filter, where I had to turn on a switch and wait for it to turn green to get drinkable water. Talk about annoying in the midst of a thirst crisis! I skimmed the instructions, filled the top with water and waited for it to slowly filter. I poured a glass and stuck the meter in. It was 640!!! I tried it again and it was the same. Is this what I’ve been drinking?! I skimmed the materials that came with the pitcher and realized what I did wrong. Instead of screwing the filter in from the bottom, I dropped it from the top. I did it right and got a reading of 000. Thank G-d!!! The water actually tastes different. It tastes like bottled water. I’ve been using it for a few days and its very easy to use. You fill up the top, wait for it to filter through and pour it from either the tap at the bottom of the pitcher or the spout from the top. Its quickly become a necessary part of my kitchen. I refill my water bottle in the morning and drink the water constantly when I’m home. I test it every time and its been 000 every time. Thankfully!!

To find out more about ZeroWater or to get your pitcher, go to

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Friday 29th of July 2011

Ooo it looks so chic!

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