CVS Weekly Score: Over $60 Worth Of Goods, Spent Under $3 + Received $11 In ERB: Here’s How!


I did a pretty good job this week, but it was only because I had $19 in ERB to play with yesterday morning at CVS.

I did 2 transactions because I needed the ERB from this first one to pay for the second.

Transaction 1:

OK I bought 3 Shick Hydro 5 razors. They were part of a “Spend $20 and get $10 in ERB” deal.

Each razor was $7.99 BUT I had a $4 off, $3 off and a $3 off coupon so after my ERB from last week I ended up paying $2.04 out of pocket BUT got $10 in ERB for my next purchase.  The coupons I used were from previous papers.

Transaction 2:

  • Pens: $1.99 – received $1.99 in ERB
  • Speed Stick / Soft Soap (buy three items and get $3 in ERB)
    • Speed Stick was $2.79 (had $1 off coupon) (from sunday’s paper)
    • Softsoap SpongeBob $2 – had $.50 off coupon (from sunday’s paper)
    • Softsoap body wash $3 – had $1 off coupon (from sunday’s paper)
  • Kotex Pads – $3.49 (had $1 off coupon from sunday’s paper ) – received $2.00 in ERB
  • Oral B Floss – $2.99 (had $1 off coupon from last week’s paper) – received $2.00 in ERB – the limit was 2 so I bought 2. 🙂

All in the grand total:

  • Received $63+ worth of goods
  • Spent $2.26 out of pocket
  • Received $11 in ERB

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  1. Yelena wrote:

    I’m new to couponing, I wondered, how do you know ahead of time what the ERB will be?

    Posted 7.25.11
    • Vera wrote:

      the circular says it all. i just follow their weekly sales

      Posted 7.26.11
  2. Yelena wrote:

    Okay thanks!

    Posted 7.26.11
  3. Sherry wrote:

    I seriously wish I had a CVS nearby! It would be SO nice to get those pricey things (esp razors) for a deal!

    Posted 7.26.11
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    just wanted to mention that it is extra care bucks… so ECB. you keep saying ERB

    Posted 8.2.11

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