YouTube Launches New App For Kids AND WE ARE SO HAPPY

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Parents!!! The YouTube Kids App is everything!

If you are like me, you have children that are constantly online searching for videos and hunting for things to watch. I mean – let’s be honest here…YouTube has replaced the TV!!

Until last week, YouTube was obviously the option – but sometimes we’d hit clips with inappropriate language for my little guys. They’d want to watch Minecraft and I am ALL ABOUT THAT – but every now and then a “bomb” would drop in the middle and surprise us all.

I get it! Men make Minecraft videos and maybe they aren’t thinking about their ENTIRE audience… my 7 year old included. It was hard to manage it all. I would have to be on top of Natalie, Liam and Caleb making sure that everything was PG rated and parent approved.

We survived it! I’m not trying to say it WAS THAT DIFFICULT. Thankfully there was always a way to have “Safety” ON and as a family – we made sure this was activated on every device.

But knowing that there is a BETTER OPTION specifically made with families in mind… I’m just beyond thrilled!

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The YouTube Kids App is an app that just filters in KID APPROPRIATE content. YouTube decides which channels make the cut and you can feel safe knowing that your children are not going to hear something they shouldn’t hear.

A Peek At The YouTube Kids App:

My son Caleb can navigate through the design. They’ve made it THAT EASY. Whether you want to watch Thomas the Train, Spongebob Squarepants or a video created by a fellow YouTube lover, it’s there! And it’s easy to find.

Where To Find The YouTube Kids App


We’re Inspired!

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I loved this concept SO MUCH that I decided to start a brand new channel with my family! Craft:Play:Film is a new venture that is entirely dedicated to kids!! We would love for you to subscribe here.


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