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Witty Mother’s Day Cards That Are Better Than Flowers

Mother’s Day is always so much fun in my house. The kids get up nice and early and make me breakfast in bed. The kitchen gets torn to shreds. Toast crumbs everywhere. Disaster mode. Nuke level! But who cares — it comes from the heart and that is all that matters. My husband usually finds two cards – one witty card to make me laugh and one totally sappy one to make me cry. I will leave the personal message shopping up to you. This post is all about the campy humor. I found a few good ones on Etsy that made me smirk and giggle. I’m pretty sure I’m buying the “Apologies” one for my mom because it’s an accurate summation of my teenage years and then some!

Take a look at these witty Mother’s Day cards and let me know which one you like best.

Teenage Tantrums 

As you suspected




Nursing Home

You were right

MILF Status

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Witty Mother's Day Cards

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