Who Knew? My Bunko Group Just Turned Into A Samurai Fighting Club!


Seriously… best night ever. Tonight was bunko night and if you’ve read my blog before you know that I am not really a HUGE fan of the game. The only reason why I go is to see my friends and hang out. I am typically so caught up with work that unless there’s something scheduled like this – I don’t SEE ANYONE. So sad.

Anyway – it started out as all bunko nights typically do – a round of Left Right Center. Then it turned into the most awesome conversation EVER. I’m talking Ninja dining, Samurai training, shooting range lessons, shark tank vouchers and MORE.

I am manic just thinking about it all.

Honestly, I don’t know HOW we ended up talking about all these crazy things – but one thing led to another and we started making PLANS. Listen to what we have going…

  • I bought a Groupon certificate for a 2 hour shooting range lesson. Going with a few friends in March. INSANE.
  • A friend mentioned there is a restaurant in Tribeca that… well, just click here to check it out. I need to eat there. Not want. Need.
  • A couple said they signed up for the Warrior Run (think mud meets obstacle course)┬áin September – YUP… I’m doing that too.
  • Then there’s this shark tank you can get dropped into – getting Bill this for Father’s Day (and a ticket for me too)
  • Finally there is a Groupon certificate available right now for samurai training. A friend pulled it up and it’s a great deal – you get 3 lessons for $28. What a bargain!

When did Bunko become so AWESOME? This is what life is all about right?? Having these amazing experiences!! I’m freaking DYING over our conversation. My friend Tracy said we should book something crazy like this once a quarter – and I think that’s a fantastic idea. Really gets you thinking outside the box, you know.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done???

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