Who Is Looking For A New Sports Bra? Check Out The Kalyx Bra

Kalyx bras are so comfortable and easy to wear. The Kaylax brand is best known as an athletic apparel company for women that specializes in fitness wear.

If you go to the gym, you KNOW that a great sports bra is KEY. Wearing the wrong item during a workout can truly prohibit you from putting your best foot forward. 

kaylax bras

The Kalyx company was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2009 which is such a great notch in their belt! Don’t you just love those inventor shows? 

Kalyx bras

Kalyx Sports Bras are Ultra-lightweight, quick-drying, luxurious-feeling, and are made from environmentally-friendly K-FORCE Fabric. They GET how a woman’s body moves and how our clothing should fit.

The line is fashionable, feminine, flattering and FULL of support — what else can you ask for from a sports bra? Not much. 

Besides focusing on sports bras, Kalyx also have a full Women’s Athletic Apparel line! Their Angelina Jacket comes in a variety of colors: Black, Carbon, Deep Wisteria and Orchid.

Are you looking for fitness bottoms? Yup, they carried those as well! You can choose between shorts, skirts and stretch pants. My favorite are the Giselle Bottoms.  The pair pictured above will run you $58.

I’m a big believer of trying to look your best wherever you go. I’m not saying you should arrive to the gym wearing a pair of stilettos and in full makeup, but I think we should all ditch the over-sized sweatpants and pajama tops and consider brands like Kalyx for our fitness needs. It’s not about impressing other people, it’s about taking time out for yourself and getting back on the list.

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  1. Bust Up Cups wrote:

    Interesting how this sports bra is made to feel good wearing as well as drying out quickly when working out. Good read.

    Posted 4.12.11

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