Look Chic At The Gym: Learn A Lesson From Me

Ok, as you know, I’m just getting started with this whole gym culture thhaannnggg.  When I went in for my very first class, I literally walked in wearing my pajamas. And you probably are thinking that I am joking… but I’m not. I was wearing a shirt that I normally sleep in (ok, slept in the night before I went to that first class) and a pair of pants that I typically lounge around in while at home. I don’t own gym wear. Why would I?

I don’t want to break the bank – and neither should you. I’m not there yet. It’s like buying $2,000 worth of ski equipment and then hitting the bunny slopes. Just not worth the investment, right?

I want to feel comfortable while I make a complete fool of myself and still stay true to who I am – someone who appreciates fashion and style.

SO — here’s a few options I found online that rocked my little world. Affordable, cute, and work out friendly.


Sports Bras


Gym Wear


Gym Clothes 3

What do you think about my picks? Any options tickle your fancy?

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