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Where To Stay In Panama City Beach – Sheraton Bay Point Resort

If you are researching where to stay in Panama City Beach, Florida then you should consider the Sheraton Bay Point Resort. I had the chance to spend a few days at the resort last year and had a wonderful time with friends.

outside pool

I was invited down by the tourism board and was so thankful for the invitation because I got to experience a number of incredible things you can do all around town – including jetskiing with Adventures at Sea!

The Sheraton has so much to offer and I wanted to give you a quick look at some of my favorite perks from the hotel. I won’t be able to let you feel the PEACE and SERENITY I felt while walking the grounds.

You will just have to experience that one all on your own. There was something truly magical about the calmness of the water, the stillness of the air and the warmth of that Florida sun. I did not want to leave! 

Inside the room of Sheraton Panama City

Where To Stay In Panama City Beach – Sheraton Bay Point Resort

Located in Panama City Beach, the oceanfront Sheraton Bay Point Resort gives you access to one of Florida’s best-kept secrets – Shell Island. Now, if you are from the south, perhaps you know a thing or two about Shell Island, but I personally had never heard of this strip of land and it literally blew my mind.

This particular hotel is walking distance from a dock that leads you to direct access to this private beach. The ferry is just a few minutes long and will transport you to an area that feels straight out of the movies! 

But you don’t have to leave the resort to feel like you are on vacation. The Sheraton has so much to offer on its own. Each room is lined with home-like comforts.

I have to say that my daughter and I didn’t need a thing while on property. Everything was simply a phone call away which was super convenient – especially while traveling with children. 

balcony view at night

And look at this balcony view! While vacationing in Panama City Beach, you’ll want to make sure that you have access to views like this at night because they’re not something you can get in NYC. Trust me! underwater sea art florida local underwater sea art florida local

More often than not, we found ourselves roaming around and checking out all the small details that were hidden all around the facility. Check out these paintings – all done by local artists and depicting local sea creatures. Aren’t they marvelous!? A bit out of my price range, but certainly a pleasure to admire! 

restaurant inside restuarant inside Sheraton Panama City Beach Florida Hotel Beachfront

The Sheraton Bay Point even had a few great restaurants to choose from and yes, we tried them all. Great food and excellent company. The perfect vacation formula if you ask me! 

The Real Reason Why You Should Stay At This Hotel In Panama City Beach

pool bar

But truly, nothing beat the outside view and I can’t reiterate this enough. One of the main points that you should really consider while booking your hotel in Panama City Beach is the atmosphere. At the end of the day, where will you want to sit down and grab a drink? It was just so peaceful at the Sheraton. It truly was.


I felt like I was a million miles away from my problems and that’s exactly where I needed to be. I REALLY felt like I was on vacation. It almost felt like I was on a tropical island… but I didn’t need my passport. Perfection! 

pool bar

We all work at a million miles an hour. We are multi-taskers. We take on too much. We wear too many hats. But while I would sit outside at night, whether I was roasting marshmallows at the fire pit, having a martini by the pool bar, or just gazing at the stars with my daughter, I didn’t think about any of it. Not a single email. I was fully present and I had one thing to thank – this hotel chain. 

outside pool areadSheraton Panama City Beach Florida Hotel Beachfront

If you have children, they will absolutely enjoy all the different pools that are available. Heck – you will, too! 

Spa nail salon Spa Yoga Studio

And yes, there is a spa facility which includes hot tubs and yoga/meditation rooms. So fun! 

Game Room

If you are looking for a family night out, there is even a space dedicated just for that. It’s not a drop-off. Parents have to stay – but how COOL does this space look? I know my kids would have loved to spend some time in here!! 

hotel lobby

When Will The Sheraton Bay Point Resort Reopen?

The Sheraton Bay Point Resort is currently closed following Hurricane Michael and is making preparations to welcome guests back SOON – later in 2019. For assistance with reservations, please contact 1-888-236-2427. 

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