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What’s In My Travel Bag? A Sneak Peek Inside My Carry On Featuring @PONDS Towelettes #PONDSPLUS


As you noticed, I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately. I thought it would be fun to let you take a look at my travel bag – everything I pack when I’m on the go! My carry on MUST have all of these items because I absolutely need every last product when on the road or in the air. Let’s break it down one piece at a time:

  1. My iPad so I can READ. I hardly get time to read at home. The only way I can actually sit quietly with a book is to head up a few thousand feet in the air.
  2. Sunglasses – they have two purposes. One is to help me sleep while on the plane. The other is to obviously help me while on vacation.
  3. Straw hat for when I land. My hair always falls flat while traveling.
  4. A great fashion magazine – preferably the thickest one I can find.
  5. Hand sanitizer because everything is dirty when you are traveling. #truth
  6. POND’S® Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes because my face gets very oily while traveling. I have combination skin and it really acts up when I fly. I actually have to reapply my powder when I land. This means I need a fresh start when I land. The towelettes gently remove what’s left of my makeup PLUS leave my skin feeling moisturized. Does your skin go haywire like mine??
  7. Some jewelry. I don’t put on my jewelry until after airport security because I don’t want to deal with taking it off while on line. I just grab it out of my bag at the gate while I’m waiting to board.
  8. A summer scarf. You never know how cold airports are going to be – it’s always good to be prepared. This also eliminates the need for me to use the blankets they pass out inside the aircraft. No thank you.
  9. A pen and pad to jot down notes and ideas that come to me throughout the day. My mind races when it’s quiet and I usually come up with my next “big thing” when I’m alone.
  10. Solid perfume. A little rub of my favorite perfume and I am smelling as good as new.

That’s it! What do you think about my travel bag? Does it look anything like the one that you carry?

* this is a sponsored post


Tuesday 3rd of June 2014

solid perfume is a great tip thanks!


Monday 2nd of June 2014

A summer scarf! Genius idea for avoiding those germy blankets! I so need to add that to my carryon! Those face wipes are the BEST. I had a c-section and they were hands down the best thing I packed in my hospital bag!

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