What She Wore: Topshop Twill & Satin Stripe Dress

Topshop Twill & Satin Stripe Dress

Ok! I know what you are saying – what kind of picture is THIS? But I couldn’t WAIT to tell you about this dress!! It’s the Topshop Twill & Satin Stripe Dress and I am OBSESSED. I’m bringing it on the cruise with me and plan on wearing it while I am out to sea but won’t have Internet to share those photos with you until much later on … SOOOOOO I wrote this post to give you a sneak peek.


The cut is insane! It is so flattering! I bought my regular size but I’m actually going to go back to the mall tomorrow (I wrote this post before I flew down to Florida and timestamped it to post today… trippy I know) to try on one size smaller because I think I can swing it. I L-O-V-E everything about this TopShop number.

The way it shows off my curves.

The fabric.

The nautical feel.

Even the hemline is fun – it isn’t straight across.

An absolute must have ladies!! TRUST ME!

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