What She Wore: Bright And Bold Colors While Traveling

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Ni-Hao! I just returned from China with Mandarin Journeys last night around 11PM EST. I’m not sure how I am sitting up, writing, what day it is, whether or not I’m daydreaming or how on EARTH I am going to function for the rest of the day. But I haven’t had Internet in quite some time and feel like I should get a few posts up today to reconnect with everyone!!

Every Wednesday, I team up with a few friends and do an outfit breakdown for the week. Well, today I will be in my pajamas all day long. Braless. Hair in a bun. No makeup. Know it. It was physically impossible for me to dress up and do a photoshoot. Technically, it’s 11:42PM because China is 12 hours AHEAD. I’m all messed up!!

Instead, I wanted to focus on a fashion TIP. One that I use whenever I am away. Wear bright and bold colors when you hit the road. Stay away from the neutrals whenever possible. Just look at how the colors pop in photos.
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China was filled with greens and browns and blues… and there I was wearing a bright orange shirt in the middle of it all. It really stood out in photos. Something to consider when packing for your next trip!

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 11.30.51 AM

Prints work too but … honestly… nothing could COMPETE with the two girls that I’m standing next to in this shot! Honestly, I was in such a fluster trying to get this photo that I ended up spilling an entire glass of soda on me when I sat down. EEK! My shoe were squeaky for the rest of the day. IMG_5962

One more with the same pink shirt from above (and PS – I will talk about all these moments in a minute) — just look at how it separates from the background. It truly becomes the focal point!

Something to consider when packing for your next vacation.

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