What She Wore: Black Gingham Cutout High Neck Billow Sleeve Top

Black Gingham Cutout High Neck Billow Sleeve Top

We actually tried to take this photo outside yesterday and the WINDS were INSANE. I mean, my purse was flapping in the wind. I cannot WAIT for spring. I mean, I love my office… but you must be SICK of this view by now. LOL!

Ok, onto my daily outfit. Check out my affiliates to break down the entire look.

First up, this shirt is only $23. Can we just stop it right there and DIE? I LOVE it so much and it’s super affordable. The sleeves are puffier than they look, so be sure you are up for this kind of look. I think it is a lot of fun – especially for this time of the year. Snag the Black Gingham Cutout High Neck Billow Sleeve Top today.

Up next – skinny black jeans. Nothing really to say other than make sure you don’t wash them too often. Little fashion tip for ya.

Then I have black booties. Actually, I own about 4 pairs of black booties, but I’ll post a link to the Sam Edelmen Alyssa black booties because they are on sale for $105. WOOT.

Last but not least, my ACTUAL envelope purse is from TARGET but I can’t find the link online! Here is a very similar look from Norstrom.

Black and white and ready to roll. I try to post a lot of color on the blog because I feel like most people like to live bright and sunny, but truth be told… I live in neutrals. This is a VERY typical look for me.

What do you think of this outfit? Something you would wear? For more of my fashion, click here.

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