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Blogging Tips: What A Typical Day Looks Like For A Blogger

I became a blogger in 2005 and BOY do I wish that someone gave me some guidance – some blogging tips – right from the start. The truth of the matter is that Lady and the Blog is not my first rodeo. In fact, my focus started on an entirely different industry. But you know what? The bones of the platform are still the same. Blogging tips for a celebrity gossip blogger are the same as blogging tips for a fashion blogger. You need to worry about SEO. You need to structure your day. You need to know your worth. And most of all… you need to build a tribe of friends who will be there to support and grow with you every step of the way.

Blogging Tips: What A Typical Day Looks Like For A Blogger

I usually get a lot of questions about what I do on a typical day and thought it would be fun to write down my AVERAGE TO-DO list for you to read. It doesn’t always flow this easily. It most certainly is never in this exact order. But give or take… this is pretty much a glance at my blogger life.

Here’s the thing though… I’ve omitted anything personal. So, I’m not talking about picking up my son from school, making him lunch, grocery shopping, or worrying about dinner. While all these things are also on my list, I thought it would be best to focus on the business side of blogging and stay away from mixing personal and professional. If I tried to write down everything I do in 24 hours, I would end up in a ball crying and rocking myself into hysteria. So, I omitted my personal life entirely out of this post. You’re welcome. Besides, those aren’t the type of blogging tips you are here to read, right?

Honestly, I don’t want to actually see my real life written down on paper because then I would have to institutionalize myself. Believe me, it’s better this way.

Blogging Tips: What A Typical Day Looks Like For A Blogger

If you ever wondered what a typical day looks like for a blogger, check out my list below. This list is my take on a blogger tips list because it really shows you how many times I touch each social media platform and how I approach my email and writing. I don’t just receive email. I receive a request and then I bounce right back to them with a pitch of my own. Sure, it takes more time to work that way. But for every 20 pitches that I throw out, something good happens. They aren’t all yeses… but they aren’t all nos either!

Blogging Tips: What A Typical Day Looks Like For A Blogger

As a reminder, my typical day does not always look the same. One day, I might spend all day filming for YouTube if that’s what I need to do. On other occasions, I might just write because I have too much due and the deadlines are all close to one another. This list is more of a baseline or an average. Timeblocking is my best friend – but I suppose that is another post entirely.

Morning – Blogger Timeframe

  • Check Email
  • Figure out what is due for the day and make a priority list
  • Upload Instagram Photo for the day
  • Engage and respond to first few comments as they come in
  • Check Facebook and upload status if I have one
  • Update Permission to Hustle Entrepreneur Group
  • Update PRIVATE Mastermind Groups
  • Begin sponsored content creation
  • Soft check email (look for any blaring concerns)
  • Check Twitter
  • Read Daily Mail and Reddit for News (don’t judge me)
  • Share content on FB for LATB
  • Post in Permission to Hustle Entrepreneur Group
  • Continue writing
  • Check email and respond to any open requests with a hard pitch
  • Pin a few pins

Afternoon – Blogger Timeframe

I don’t really have a hard stop between these bullets. As a blogger, your day is defined by deadlines. So, my blogging tip to you is to be flexible!  I just split up these two sections to give you an idea that I actually break for lunch at some point. 🙂

  • Check YouTube and see what video is live and not currently on blog
  • Add YouTube video write up to daily list for blog
  • Comment on 10 viral videos on YouTube
  • Comment back on any comments left on YouTube on my account
  • Soft check email
  • Update Twitter with any sponsored content that needs to go out
  • Take conference calls as needed
  • Continue to write 3:1 ration for content. For every one sponsored post there should be three non-sponsored write-ups.
  • Send out pitches
  • Visit VA groups and see if any recipe content is available for purchase (I don’t cook everything I post)
  • Create graphics for Pinterest
  • Create graphics for Audrey and Vera Instagram account
  • Attempt to write ahead as much as possible
  • Edit future videos for YouTube attempting to stay a week ahead
  • Research hashtags for Instagram – add them to notes file
  • Check email and respond to any open requests with a hard pitch
  • Watch videos to see what industry professionals are saying about new updates
  • Soft check email
  • Post on social media – Facebook, Twitter
  • Engage on Instagram – comments and likes
  • Check new hashtags on Instagram. Engage with people I don’t follow. Leave comments on their profiles
  • Visit several blogger outreach programs and apply for campaigns that make sense for my brand
  • Check email and respond to any open requests with a hard pitch
  • Create content specifically for the Permission to Hustle mastermind group
  • Repeat

Are you a blogger? Do you have any blogging tips that you’d like to share? If so, please leave them below! Always love to read what works for fellow writers.

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Blogging Tips : What A Typical Day Looks Like For A Blogger

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