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Westin Orlando Universal Boulevard – 2 Bedroom Suite Walkthrough

We are home and happy and posts about our trip down to Florida will start to trickle through over the next few weeks. I wanted to start with our hotel because I was TOTALLY HAPPY AND SURPRISED by the location.

Westin Orlando Universal Boulevard

We booked this trip entirely on points. We are Starwood fanatics which meant that we had to stay in one of their locations. When I tell you that we randomly chose the Westin Orlando Universal Boulevard – I’m not kidding.

It was really all about proximity and points. WELL, when I walked in and saw how FAB the hotel was – I was thrilled.

Prior to our arrival, a manager at the hotel emailed to ask if we were celebrating anything special. It so happened that we were celebrating Caleb’s 2nd birthday. He turned 2 on the 16th!!

When we checked into our room, we found a few little treats for all three of our kids. Super CUTE!! I really loved that extra touch. The kids were on top of the world.

Westin Orlando Universal Boulevard - 2 bedroom suite Walkthrough

The 2 bedroom suite was spacious and FAB! I was beyond thrilled with the accommodations. They surprised us with an upgrade, so it was entirely unexpected!

Thank goodness for that extra space — we needed it. Caleb likes to RUN! Check out the living room and dining room. The children would color and draw here while we got our bags ready each morning before heading out to the parks.

Westin Orlando

We also enjoyed breakfast each morning as a family at that table. Saved us a ton of money!

Westin Orlando Universal Boulevard - 2 bedroom suite Walkthrough

Here’s a look at the master bedroom. Thankfully, we had our own bath. Though for some reason, the children still kept coming into our room to use the sink. 🙂  And the first picture of this post was the second bedroom. We kept Caleb in our room and everyone was happy!

To see a full walkthrough of our 2 bedroom suite at the Westin Orlando Universal Boulevard, check out the video below.

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