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I Went Away With 5 Of My Girlfriends And It Was Absolutely Amazing


You know I travel a lot for this blog. My job takes me all around the country a few times a month. But I never really look at it as a vacation because there is always PLENTY to do while I am away and then once again when I get home. Sure, the pictures always look great. But the workload that accompanies those gigs can be excessive. I’ve been away from my children dozens of times – but the pull has always been linked to a gig. Never once have I boarded a plane with friends just for the sake of boarding a plane. To relax under the sun without a brand name attached to it? Not once.

Until last weekend.

We’ve been planning this girlfriends getaway for a while and when the dates finally rolled around I was beyond elated. A girlfriend’s getaway!!! Me?! I was soooooooooo READY! What did I do?

I napped.

I read on my iPad.

Then, I soaked in the Bahamas sun.

I gambled.

I drank.

Later, I danced (a little – ok very little – hardly at all)

I laughed – SO MUCH)

I bonded.

Above all, I made lasting memories with my girlfriends. I’m talking about the ones we will bring up for years to come. The private jokes that will make us giggle until we cry. It was that good.

I did absolutely nothing and I did absolutely everything that I wanted.


Did I miss my children?  More than I ever did on any other trip. I think it was because I knew in my heart that this girlfriends getaway wasn’t really a requirement. I never feel guilty when I travel for work because I understand that logically I need to go away for money. This trip was a splurge!

So, I called home a ton and kept telling my husband that we had to return with the whole crew in tow over and over and over again. I wanted them there because I knew they would have enjoyed the time away as well. But at the same time, I was really enjoying these moments with my girlfriends. I kept going back and forth. In the end, I decided that I was going to come back with the family and to let go of the guilt. This was the ONLY time in my life that I did this. Guilt was crippling me and that really made no sense.  I was already away! Why ruin it?!

At the end of our trip, my friends and I promised to make this an annual thing. An extended weekend away to some place warm where we could find a casino and a cabana. That’s all we really need. Maybe a little rum too….

So very HAPPY that I took this girl’s getaway. It was JUST what the doctor ordered. Have you ever taken a girlfriends getaway like this before?

Suzie Jackson

Tuesday 6th of June 2017

Vera that is awesome you took time for you. Inspiring. You do so much for the family I have followed you for years and admire your business but it is really so important to take time for you! Glad you had an amazing time and shared it with us.

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