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AncestryDNA Is 20% Off! The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Have you tried AncestryDNA yet? I did and I loved finding a bit about my background! Father’s Day is right around the corner and if you are still struggling to find the perfect gift, I have a great idea. Why not give the gift of history?!

Ancestry DNA is offering a 20% off discount right now which means that you can snag a kit for just $79. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve brought up this photo on my phone.

I love talking about what my DNA is made of. My roots!! My ancestors!! I’m a first generation American – so it was really fun to learn about my lineage.

My mother was born in Malta and my father was Italian-American. As you can see, coming from my mother’s side, I have Middle Eastern roots buried within!! Malta is 300 miles from Tunisia – so I guess it’s no surprise that 3% of my DNA shows up as African descent.

Here’s a map because I know most people have no idea where Malta is. That’s ok! I’ve dealt with this my entire life!! 🙂

How Do I Take The Ancestry DNA Test?

Here is a clip from the Ancestry DNA website that tells you a little bit about the process:

AncestryDNA is a simple saliva test you can do in the comfort of your own home. Once you order, you will receive the AncestryDNA kit in the mail in a matter of days. Your AncestryDNA kit includes full instructions, a saliva collection tube, and a pre-paid return mailer (so you don’t have additional costs to return your DNA.) After returning your sample by just dropping it in the mail, your DNA is processed at the lab. You then receive an email notifying you that your results are ready to explore on the AncestryDNA website.

So simple!! You wait a few weeks and then your results come in!! Do you have a man in your life that would like to learn more about his history? How about one for you and one for him? At $79 a kit, I think this is the time to give Ancestry DNA a shot!!!

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