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Weight Watchers And Match Partner Up For A #HealthyMatchUp ARE YOU READY?

2015/01/img_5553.jpgWeight Watchers has partnered with to help NYC find their healthiest match in a #HealthyMatchUp speed chatting event and I was about to find out what it was all about.

As I was headed to Tender at The Sanctuary Hotel on West 47th, NYC I kept wondering who was going to be there, why is this a speed- chatting event and what are these men looking for? Yep, I thought there was going to be a room full of men sitting at tables looking for that girl who was a before and after and their perfect match. I was nervous, but when I walked in it was a room full of women. Whew, what a relief!! It turns out … they were coaches!!

This was a 24-hour event to find the coach that match your lifestyle. FUN!

January is a popular time to press the restart button on healthy living and Weight Watchers wants to help people start off the New Year feeling good about setting goals they can stick to. Weight Watchers now offers an enhanced online program called Essentials, with Coaches available whenever, wherever with 24/7 Expert chat via online and mobile capabilities. This will give people a taste of what it’s like to have on-demand motivation, accountability and support for someone who’s been in their shoes and succeeded.

I sat with one of the coaches and asked her about the program. I’m all for having a Coach who can motivate and push me to do the right thing about my health and don’t get upset if I cheat once in a while. I told her how I had a doctor who didn’t wait for me to call her but took time out of her busy schedule to call me and ask how I’m doing, if I needed more medication, made sure my appointments were made and gave me support and encouraged me. I’m also all for a partner at the gym. I need that support. I don’t believe in diets and resolutions but I will eat healthy and make it my business to stay in shape.


Personal coaching includes:

  • An initial assessment so the Coach can learn more about the member’s lifestyle and help provide a moment of self-reflection.
  • An initial phone conversation with a Coach at a time that works for the member to talk about what they hope to achieve and to work with the Coach on a customized action plan with goals for the week.
  • Unlimited access to a Coach throughout the member’s journey via phone/email/text message encouragement PLUS reminders unique to their action plan.

All certified-Coaches have successfully lost weight on Weight Watchers and can provide one on one support, inspiration, motivation and accountability throughout a journey that is far from easy.


The website is amazing and I found great recipes as well. I was so excited to try one I went to the supermarket after leaving and purchased the ingredients to make their Slow Cooker Red Beans, Sausage and Rice Soup. My family and I loved it!! It was a one pot healthy meal. I changed up a few of the ingredients but it was perfect for that rainy, cold day. There’s so many delicious recipes to choose from that I will be making plenty more.

I had a great time chatting with all the lovely Coaches and hearing their stories and encouraging words.

Head to the website now and check out the program and recipes. and on a Twitter @WeightWatchers


Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post and as always opinions are mine 100%. I did receive a gift bag.


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