We Saw A Screening Of ‘The Muppets’ Movie: I LOVED It


Over the weekend, my family was invited to a screening for ‘The Muppets‘ movie. I am a child of the 80s. I used to watch ‘The Muppets’ show every week with my mom. It was something I literally looked forward to – my FAVORITE SHOW. I even had a Kermit the Frog puppet (which I didn’t remember until this weekend while I was watching the movie. had a flashback of some sort).

Anyway, I was SUPER excited to see the new Muppets movie. It’s 2011 and Miss Piggy is still on the big screen. I LOVE IT!

The kids didn’t really know much about The Muppets. My advice for parents hoping to take their kids to see the movie – expose them a bit to the gang. They will appreciate the movie MUCH more if they know a little about the characters.

Anyway, the premise of the movie is simple – an oil tycoon has the rights to buy The Muppets studio and will claim ownership to the Muppets name UNLESS the gang raises $10 million. How can they raise such money? By putting on a show of course!

The movie is great for adults and for kids. There are also a few guest appearances from stars like Selena Gomez, Jack Black and Neil Patrick Harris.

I wish there were a few more scenes of Miss Piggy… but she did get to karate chop someone which made me smile!

Are you planning on seeing The Muppets?

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