Victoria Beckham for Target: What She Wore #50DressesForSpring

Can I just say right here and now that the Women’s Black English Floral Satin Dress from the Victoria Beckham for Target line is only $35!! I mean… what? And I am really hard to fit when it comes to dresses, but this one really works. I am OBSESSED with the cut.

Victoria Beckham for Target

$35. Victoria Beckham. Spring dress. Check! I am in. Wear it to work. Wear it while out with friends. Wear it while doing the dishes. I don’t care WHERE you wear it… just put it on.

From Target:

With a classic shape and fresh, springtime pattern, this Women’s Black English Floral Satin Dress by Victoria Beckham for Target is a chic option for the office, a night out, and everywhere in between. The Victoria Beckham collection for Target celebrates the shared experiences between Victoria and her daughter. The result is a look that’s fashionable, yet free-spirited and timeless.

What do you think about the print? I like the fact that it’s black and yet still a spring dress. You know the New Yorker in me is pleased. LOL

50 Dresses for Spring

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