TTPM Spring Showcase 2015 Unveils Season’s Hottest Toys

ttpm1Having recently had the chance to attend the Spring 2015 TTPM Showcase, I was, well, a kid in a toy store. Surrounded by the season’s hottest toys, I was in all my glory. With brand new featured merchandise from Mattel to K’Nex to Lego, there was so much excitement in the air, I may have even regressed into my childhood self!


With great new items with our favorite movies, there were plenty of playground envy worthy toys to go around. Despicable Me minions and Jurassic Park dinosaurs are definitely the big guys in toys right now. Frozen, Wall-E, Toy Story, and Nemo are definitely making appearances in the toy aisle too, with entertainment that will last for hours, days, weeks, and more.


We all know The Game Of Life, but now it has seen some cool updates to reflect kids’ interests today. In fact, after having done a survey to determine what career kids would like to see in the game as an option, Video Game Designer was elected as the hot new career up for grabs.


Remember Skip-It? In some sort of amazing harmonious blend, the classic skipping/jumping activity that got us moving as kids has been merged with Twister (another classic) for double the fun. Paired with a wristband tracker, this one could turn into a real competitive sport!


Loving the innovations over at Nerf, particularly because they seem to be incorporating a little more girly glam that we haven’t previously seen. Is it a purse? Is it a Nerf shooter? Why should you have to choose? The Nerf Rebelle brings a feminine presence to this awesome toy phenomenon, and it looks and feels good.


Taking another trip down Nostalgia Lane, this one really had me flipping out with joy. Puppy Surprise and Kitty Surprise are back! I was OBSESSED with my Puppy Surprise as a kid. With a cute and cuddle mommy puppy, you would get anywhere from 3-5 adorable puppies inside. I heard urban legends of people getting 5 puppies in theirs, although I got 4. The surprise factor was fun, and the toys were just precious. This is a must for my daughter!


On the learning side of fun, I was really excited to see the Live Butterfly Garden from Insect Lore. My daughter has a few years to go before she can really understand the life cycle, but several months ago I got to thinking about the caterpillar/butterfly projects we did as kids in science. I wondered if there was a home kit for that, and I had actually made a note in my phone about it, figuring down the line I’d stumble upon it and see if that’s an activity we can go right at home. Then I saw the whole set up at the TTPM showcase, and I was so excited to see that this is something we can easily do at home. I love the idea of making learning fun, and being able to do so outside of the classroom.


Another fun examination in how to sprout our roots and watch them grow is with EasySeed. This innovative product is the perfectly little science project where families can grow their own mangoes and avocados simply with the pit. A fun and healthy activity, pride will certainly ensue as kids grow their own food.




Lots of great toys including Barbie, My Little Pony, Play-Doh, Sesame Street, Paw Patrol, Monster High, Peppa Pig, Sheriff Callie, and more, are hitting the toy market this season, so the kids are in for real excitement at every age. You don’t want to miss this!


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