Truthful Thursday: Social Honesty Starts With You #truthfulthursday

Truthful Thursday


I’m not the fun parent. Somewhere between starting my blog and today … I became the worker bee. The one that just needs a few more minutes to wrap up a post or an email or a conference call. I’m the parent that is always away. I’m the parent that my kids see less of because that is the structure we set up.

And while I am physically HOME with them all day with my husband – he is the one outside with them playing on the swings while I watch from the window trying to finish up that last video or deadline.

It’s beginning to weigh on me.

I did this. Like I said. I know that I changed our family structure many years ago when I decided to take this blog to full time and make it a business. But BOY – it’s been really slapping me in the face lately.

I’m not sure what to do about this because this is the only way we earn a living. If I push back then we earn less and we really can’t earn less. Bill can’t pretend to be me and take over portions of the blog because… he’s a boy and that would be odd. He can’t get a full time job to lighten up our financial burden because I can’t do my job and care for the kids on my own. So – I feel stuck. Constantly stuck. A pull in both directions. But no way out ┬ábecause if I stop then we lose our HOUSE.

Seriously. I need a better system. Things need to be reevaluated. Time over money earned – that sort of thing. What do I spend the most time doing and how much money does that bring in? THEN — is it worth continuing to do those things?

BUT I have to find the time to actually sit down and evaluate it all. Let’s see when that happens….

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  1. Lou wrote:

    I love these Truthful Thursday posts. Refreshing.

    I feel ya and I bet most of your readers do too. I think we have a lot of this in our society. Working moms (outside of the home) feeling stuck. Stay at home moms (working too!) feeling stuck. We all want to give our kids a great start to life which for most of us includes a nice home/neighborhood, activities, vacations, sometimes school tuition so that they can have the best education. Then there are the must haves like, oh you know, shoes that fit and food (seriously my 10 year old son eats NON STOP, our grocery bill is insane for a 3 person household).

    Hang in there but definitely sit down with your husband and see if you can’t figure out a way to lighten your load even a little … I know for myself, the weeks where I can get away from my office for an extra hour or two to accomplish some errands or tasks, are less draining. I recently told my husband that he’d better hit the deli at the grocery store for some lunch meat and cheese because I was giving up at least cooking at least one dinner during the week.

    Best of Luck!

    Posted 7.3.14
  2. Claire wrote:

    Vera, all of us who work from home have that constant tug to do more. The office is ALWAYS there, reminding you of what needs to be done. This is especially hard during the summer when the kids are close by. Part of the problem is that perfectionists (like you and me!) always want to do everything just right. You may have to occasionally settle for really good so you can get that extra bit of family time. No one but you will notice that it’s almost but not quite what you were envisioning! Good luck. And if you come up with any great ideas on this, let me know. ­čÖé

    Posted 7.3.14
  3. Tracy Gibb wrote:

    Vera, I feel the same way. I’m constantly working and feel like I’m always pushing my son aside. He’s going into high school this year and it’s made me realize I only have FOUR YEARS LEFT! This has increased my anxiety because I feel like I have so little time left before he moves out but at the same time, I need to pay my bills too. I think this is such a common feeling among working moms. There’s gotta be a better way!

    Posted 7.4.14

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