Daily Diary: Hold Up… There’s A New Drink On The Starbucks Menu

Starbucks Blackberry Mojito Tea

Yesterday, I squealed while waiting in line for my Starbucks drink with the family. Why? Because I spotted a new option from Teavana and I was ALL OVER IT!! Blackberry Mojito – oh my goodness. Gimme two of them.

Actually, just to be certain, I ordered my regular drink and then I also ordered the Mojito just in case I wouldn’t like it. SILLY ME. Inhaled it in one sip. Yum and Yum.

We ended up getting caught in a massive lightning storm on our way home from PA and our drive lasted about 12 hours thanks to flooding in the Bronx. So, it was a good thing I opted for both. 🙂

I BELIEVE the drink will be available at Starbucks for a limited time only – so get out and try one while you still can.

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