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Natalie made a time capsule for us last night. She somehow found a stash of really old photos in our house and among all the memories, she found this shot of Bill.

He has that goofy face on for a reason!  He was making fun of me because I wanted to take a photo of him putting our shower gifts away. It was our first moment together in our new house! I couldn’t resist! We still have that mug by the way. 🙂

I was a shutterbug even back then. And I was so excited to FINALLY have a kitchen of our own. SO, I told him to pose. The boy wouldn’t! Instead, he made some silly noise, looked away, and made THAT FACE. But I snapped the picture anyway because I wanted to remember that moment.

It wasn’t perfect. But the moment was ours. Sort of like our marriage if you think about it, right? I almost started to cry when I saw this photo because nowadays everything has to be SO PERFECT. SO FILTERED. SO STAGED. And this photo was taken during a time when it was so much simpler.

This was a real moment. It was OUR real moment.

My instagram feed is filled with pictures that have 45 deleted versions that didn’t make the cut. But not this one. Because this picture was a PRINT. It was a one shot deal – and even though it looks like the image is a dud… I love it. I am transported right back into the moment because it actually happened and it wasn’t staged to happen.

What a game life has become…


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