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Finding The Perfect Bra At Kohl’s PLUS A $200 Giveaway! #FavoriteBra @Kohls

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Bra shopping. It’s extremely important to fashion. Believe it or not – an outfit won’t fit the way it’s supposed to if you don’t have the proper undergarments on underneath it all. Kohl’s asked me to head on over to their store and had me pick out a few of my favorite styles. And guess what? I have $200 in Kohl’s cash to give to one of my readers as a way to get them excited about Kohl’s Bra department.


And believe me – there’s a lot to get excited about! Whether you visit your local store or you shop online, you will be covered (literally). I couldn’t believe the selection. So many brands, styles, cuts, and colors. WOW!

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But it all starts with the FIT. Are you wearing the right bra size? Did you know that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size? Can you believe it!? There’s an easy way to figure out if you are wearing the right size. Thanks to Kohl’s online fitting tool, you can assess yourself at home. Here’s a starting point!

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Spilling over the top and sides… hmm… sounds like me during my pregnancies! LOL. Thankfully, I am back in the right size, but you should head on over to the online fitting tool so you can watch a really quick video and see if you need an upgrade (or… ahem…downgrade).

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Once you know the right size, it’s time to shop for a bra! Whether you hit the store, or virtually shop online, you will find the right bra for you at Kohl’s. I love how you can still take advantage of the sales through the website – Buy 1, Get 1 half off is QUITE a bargain!!

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So, what two bras did I end up purchasing? I bought one for t shirts – the Warner Elements of Bliss Full Coverage. I own a LOT of lace – but sometimes you need a simple piece to work with thin material. This is IT.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 2.08.24 PM


And then I bought something right up my alley – the Floral Lace Bra from Apt. 9. I love the trim design and the delicate detail of this piece. Perfection!

Ready to win some money?

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