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I Bought A Certified Pre-Owned Phone With Trademore

This post is sponsored by Trademore. I was paid for this post. 

I just bought a certified pre-owned phone with Trademore and the process was so simple. Does your child need a phone? Do they ask for the latest and newest phone over and over again? It can’t just be my kids.

Well, we never really want to buy them the hottest upgrades, because they are so young and we aren’t sure if they can take care of the tech while they are on the go. So, we found a solution that works! 

I Bought A Certified Pre-Owned Phone With Trademore

Have you heard of the website, Buying from Trademore helps you save money when you need to purchase your child a phone. These are the years that we aren’t really sure whether or not they can take care of new tech, right? To drop 1K on the latest and greatest seems excessive for a tween or teen, yet it’s absolutely expected from our youth. How insane.

Trademore allows parents to get their children current phone models without having to break the bank. Looking for a way to save even more? You can! Trade in one of your old phones to help cut the cost of the new model you select to purchase.

I’m sure you have a phone lying around the house that nobody uses. Or perhaps you have one that could use an upgrade? Why not trade in that older model while selecting a newer phone? Trading-in a used phone with Trademore helps you save money for that newer purchase. 

How To Sell Or Trade In Your Phone To Trademore

Trademore gives very competitive offers for a variety of devices – smartphones, tablets, and wearables. So, it’s not just about phones! You can get money for all the different tech that you currently have in your home.  

It’s super easy to find the value of your phone on All you have to do is follow the instructions online, click on the exact model (memory, color, year) that you own, and then you’ll receive a quote on the spot! Easy as pie!

When you’re ready to hand in your phone, Trademore will send you a free, pre-packaged, pre-paid bubble envelope with all the instructions you need to send in your phone. You don’t have to act right away either! 

The offer you receive from Trademore is locked-in for 30 days. So, you have some time to think about if the trade is something you actually want to do. 

How To Buy Pre-Owned Mobile Phones From

We are an iPhone family but always wanted to dip our toes into the Android world. We’ve heard wonderful things about the Samsung Galaxy and so, we thought that we could give it a try with Trademore. 

Trademore offers a large variety of devices with very competitive prices and I couldn’t believe the rate that was offered up for the Samsung Galaxy S9+! 

Before you start to get worried about the term “pre-owned”, I want to stop you! It’s certified pre-owned. That means that all devices available for purchase go through a 30-point functional and cosmetic inspection.

They check for quality, reliability, and functionality. Each phone must receive a 100% inspection score in order to be made available to the public. Rest assured! 

trademore buying used certified phones

Once I chose the model I wanted and submitted my order, I received the phone quickly, via free 2-day shipping. How fabulous! And just in case you think you might have buyer’s remorse, fear not!  There is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and free returns. 


My Unboxing Video

I had such a great time placing my order with Trademore and I even recorded the entire unboxing process for you to see exactly what you receive if you place an order through their website. I would love for you to check it out. Wait until you see the phone in my unboxing video! 

Trademore Buy Preowned Phone

Trademore Review

So, by now you are probably wondering what my thoughts are of the entire Trademore process? What did I think about the product I received? Would I use it again? Would I tell my mother to use this service? Here is my official Trademore review.

I will absolutely use this website again – that is a fact. I have three children and they are literally always on me for tech upgrades. This is a great solution when I feel like the time is appropriate.

I chose the Samsung Galaxy Plus S9+ and went with the Really Good condition option, but I have to be honest here… it’s fantastic! It feels like I got a brand new phone. 

I know I had a choice to go with excellent, but I wanted to save a few bucks and I am just happy with what I received. Without knowing much about the camera or the ability of this phone, these are the first two photos I took as soon as I turned it on. 

Because this is a true review, I did not edit these photos in any WAY. Normally, I edit ALL my photos, but I wanted to show you the quality of the camera on a certified pre-owned phone. Pretty sweet. Feels brand new to me.

And can I confess something to you? I think this camera is far superior to the iPhone’s camera. I can immediately see this and I haven’t even truly taken it out for a spin. I am DYING to go on vacation with this tech. 

So, here’s the deal! If you have kids that want a new phone and you are just not ready to go there with them, try out Trademore first!! It’s a great alternative to the brand new buy in.

And here’s another secret… they won’t know the difference. They really won’t. LOL! The only difference will be reflected in your bank account. 

For more information about Trademore and their offerings, visit

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