Touring Pixar In San Francisco: A Peek At What It’s Like To Work For The Animation Studio #InsideOutEvent

Pixar San Francisco

I did it! I toured the Pixar Animation Studios and BOY do I want to work there. Not only is it an environment that just fosters creativity… but it’s one that promotes fun and excitement as well. Did someone say swimming pool? (not yet, but I will)

I was SUPER excited to get invited on the Inside Out Disney trip because I have never seen inside the Pixar walls. What happens once you enter their doors? Inquiring minds and all of that. 

As soon as you entered the campus, you saw their signature statue! I couldn’t resist taking a photo. At night, the lamp actually lights up. I took a photo of it, but it didn’t come out too great. Trust me, it looked SUPER COOL — click here to see another shot. A functioning over-sized massive Pixar lamp to greet all guests and workers. Would you expect anything less?


Pixar San Francisco

We spent the majority of our time in The Steve Jobs Building. From the outside, it looks like it’s all business, right? But once you stepped inside, you felt the spirit of this company. image3

Everywhere you looked there were statues from famous animated films of the past (and maybe some that they are working on right now). Photo opps galore! Almost every guest got busy taking selfies! image4

How can you resist with these fun smiles waiting for you right at the door!?



I picked up my badge and began to check out the lobby while the rest of the group grabbed their tags. You’d think that I wouldn’t find something as amazing as a full shelf of Oscars to explore. Academy Awards galore! One big film win after the other – right there for all of us to enjoy. I love that! 

Pixar likes to refresh the space with art from the current promotional push. In this instance – Inside Out – was the big movie that everyone was anticipating. After all, most people in this building lent a hand working on the film. So, how wonderful for them to walk into work every day and see a frame they perhaps edited or colored or shadowed. WOW! I – unfortunately – can’t show you the art gallery. But just know that there was an entire gallery dedicated to Inside Out and it really captured the full essence of the film. It also includes a bunch of spoilers — which is why it shall remain top secret.

image8 image9
Most of the places at Pixar Animation Studios are named after places in New York. Woop Woop. So, it felt a little like home as I shifted around from building to building / floor to floor. 


And just to get everyone into the spirit of Inside Out – the team had us pose like all the emotions from the film. You know I had a lot of fun with disgust. HA! (though I love broccoli)


As we toured the outside property, we saw tai chi groups, a huge soccer field and THIS – a beautiful swimming pool. Pixar encourages their workers to destress by activity and outdoor recreation. Ah-mazing.

image15 image16 image17

We had dinner in the Brooklyn Building and I couldn’t help but notice its great design. Much quieter than the Steve Jobs building – but that’s because different jobs are handled at each location. Either way, you have to admit that everyone has a lovely view.

If you ever have a chance to tour Pixar, I suggest you take it! It was such an inspiring place to work. I hope my children fall in love with drawing because this is one job they will never tire of!!


Inside Out opens in theatres on June 19th!


* Disney invited me to San Francisco to screen Inside Out and to visit Pixar Animated Studios. All opinions are my own.

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