Today’s Obsession: Travel Essentials



I’ve been on the go lately, right? I mean, the last three months have been wild and insane. I think I’ve mastered the carry on bag and wanted to show you a few key pieces that you should throw into your luggage if you are looking to take a quick weekend getaway.

First off, you need a fun, summer dress to grab dinner or cocktails in! I love this style because you actually don’t need a necklace thanks to the neckline. One less thing to pack!


Up next, you need casual and versatile sandals. This actually is the hardest thing for me to learn as a traveler. I bring WAY TOO MANY SHOES. It’s ridiculous. These shoes can be worn with jeans, shorts, dresses… you name it. They can be dressed up or down. But they are very simple and understated.


Graphic tees are super cute – just don’t go crazy and make one statement after the next. I thought it would be fun to opt for something flying related. This tee will run you $7 at Old Navy. Boom.


I live and die with a poncho. Like fo’ real. It gives me a little extra warmth and coverage when I need it and doesn’t seem as formal as a cardigan. The neutrality of this piece from ASOS is on POINT! I love it!


Jewelry is another place where I fail miserably. I bring all the jewelry… and I mean allllllll the jewelry when I hit the road. How about opting for a fab simple bangle or cuff? And just run with it for a few days. That’s ok, right? To wear the same bracelet for three days in a row? I can’t even write this without mini-vomiting in my mouth. Bring a few pieces. Just do it. Who is it going to hurt??? NO ONE. Just add this one to the mix. 🙂


Sunglasses -a must. Whatever style works best on your face. Don’t buy aviators because you think they are cute. Buy aviators because they work with the shape of your face. Seriously. I have a very long face and that omits a lot of options for me. I own it.

img-5Running around with friends? Here’s a simple tunic that will run you less than $40. One thing that I have to have when it comes to fashion is comfort. I like chic – but I also like easiness. This outfit gives me all of that.


A simple tassel necklace works with pretty much every single outfit you own. You cannot go wrong with this purchase.

Throw in a pair of your favorite dark skinny jeans, shorts and a few more shirts and you will be good to go! What are some of your favorite travel pieces?

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