New Healthy And Kid-Friendly Meals From Starkist

Tuna fish has always been the quintessential American go-to meal or snack in my life. I grew up on tuna fish sandwiches in my lunch box, and we always keep our cupboards stocked with it to this day.


For years, I feel like I have been desperately trying to get that deli taste into my tuna salad- you know, the one you pay $20 per pound for at the bagel place. Don’t get me wrong- my tuna salad is good, but I always feel like there’s some secret ingredient I’m missing. Turns out, I’ve been missing out on so many possibilities that tuna presents.

starkist4Last week, I joined Starkist and Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien to sample all of the exciting new flavors and possibilities that will soon be hitting the supermarket aisles. No can opener needed- these tear away pouches are filled with flavor, and are so healthy, you can’t help but wonder, is what I’m eating really just tuna? It’s so delicious and interesting!

Everyone around me seemed to have a different favorite. Everything I tried from lemon dill salmon to honey BBQ tuna was so delicious, it just happened to be a perk that a pouch included 14 grams of protein and amounted to about 90 calories per pouch.

I love the convenient packaging (perfect for a school lunch), and best of all- no chopping and shlepping the mayo out of the fridge. My personal favorite was the Hot Buffalo Style (only 70 calories per pouch!!)- they’re perfect for sliders, and no preparation is required.

starkist6 starkist7

Having sampled the flavors myself, I knew this was a winner, but I still had two taste-testers waiting at home who would give me their honest opinion. My husband is a total protein junky- I’ve literally had to stop him from pulling a Rocky with the glass of egg whites in some sort of man’s man overdrive situation, if that gives you any indication. Tuna is his jam.

We’re already a Starkist household, but how would these new flavors hold up? It looks to be good, because they were nearly gone within minutes of walking in the door with a few pouches. I was lucky to salvage a little bit to put aside for taste tester #2, my one year old, who has a fondness for dramatically conveying her displeasure with anything that isn’t yogurt or fresh homemade puree.

Upon offering up a little bit at a time to Penny, she seemed intrigued by the foreign taste in her mouth, as though she were still deciding how to feel about it. It was reminiscent of the old days when my great grandmother would say “it’s alright” which in reality meant “this is freaking awesome”.

I’d say that Penny was very amenable to the Starkist flavors, because she ate spoonful after spoonful, a courtesy she reserves only for pre-approved meals on her terms.


It really is so refreshing to be able to bring a new food in our home that is a twist on something we already love, maintaining a healthy option while introducing more flavor and convenience. All of the flavors are worth giving a try- I’m convinced everyone has a favorite!

Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien also recently released The Hungry Girl Diet Cookbook: Healthy Recipes For Mix-n-Match Meals & Snacks that offers up hundreds of delicious recipes that keep us lean and healthy.

Keep an eye out for these exciting new developments coming your way from Starkist- they’re a real game-changer for lunchtime, on-the-go, and anytime you need a hearty bite of something that really brings the yum!

Written By Samantha Sendor

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