Tide Launches New Child Safety Tub Featuring Child-Guard™ Lids For Tide PODS And Gain Flings


Tide and Gain fans! I have some news to share with you. P&G is introducing new Child-Guard™ lids for its Tide PODS and Gain Flings tubs. These child-resistant closures provide a stronger layer of protection. You will need to squeeze both sides of the lid and twist at the same time to open the packaging. Think of the new lid like a medicine bottle – it’s hard to open, but easy to close! As a mom, I am so happy to read the news because we can never be too safe when it comes to protecting our children from the chemicals that come in detergent and common household products.

Of course, I do everything I can to keep these products away from my little ones. In fact, I have my laundry room set up in a way where I keep all detergents out of reach from stretching arms. But we all know that accidents happen. Memory fails us. This is REAL LIFE. It’s good to know that these new tubs have been developed in a way to make it not so easy for prying fingers.

The Child-Guard™ tub is part of P&G’s ongoing efforts that have led to a 39% reduction in the rate of accidents related to P&G’s liquid laundry pacs. This includes the introduction of the first-ever child-resistant bag with a Child-Guard™ zipper, the addition of a bitter substance to the outer film and an increase of strength to delay the release of its contents. These changes have literally been placed as a safeguard and I am so happy to read about them all! The extra safeguards were created with our families in mind.

Safety updates like these are exactly why I am so proudly a part of the Fabric Care Advisory Board. I have been teaming up with Tide for many, many years. The partnership makes complete sense to me because I grew up in a family that used Tide – generationally. My grandmother, mother, and now I all have been welcoming the brand into our homes for decades on end. When I was asked to officially partner with the team, I jumped at the chance. Yes, this product does what it says it does. As a fashionista and a clothes horse, I need to make sure that I take care of my clothes as I wash them. But that’s not the only reason why I am proud to be on the team. I love how much Tide cares about the community. Since launching in 2012, Tide has made upgrades to the packaging to make it even safer – including making the tub opaque, shifting to child-deterrent packaging with the three-latch tub and now having the child-resistant packaging with the new child-guard lid. As a mom and as a consumer, I really appreciate that.

How did P&G come up with this latest great idea? They conducted in-depth consumer research, product development, and testing over a three-year period. The new Child-Guard™ tubs will be on store shelves this summer and will be widely available by the end of the year. I can’t wait to add this new tub to my own laundry room.  Visit www.tide.com/safety to learn more about how to make safety a top priority during your laundry routine

*This post was created in partnership with Tide.

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  1. robin rue wrote:

    I love Tide Pods. I use them all the time. They work REALLY well.

    Posted 8.1.17
  2. Jeanette wrote:

    I love that Tide saw a problem and solved it! Too many kids were putting the stuff in your mouth and I can see why it’s pretty and it’s colorful and it looks like it would taste good. I am happy that Tide has come up with this solution.

    Posted 8.1.17
  3. I’ve read stories about little kids getting into pods and flings. It’s a scary thing to read! Thankfully, Tide has come up with an idea to avoid this serious problem! We use Tide pods in our laundry.

    Posted 8.1.17
  4. Sherry wrote:

    I’m glad Tide has taken the necessary precautions to protect kids. I hope I can open it. Child safety lids are always a bugger for me.

    Posted 8.1.17
  5. Amy Desrosiers wrote:

    I totally love Tide and this mission! I love how safety focused this company is!

    Posted 8.1.17
  6. Claudia Krusch wrote:

    It is so important to keep these products safe and away from your kids. I love the new child guard lids they have come out with. Tide Pods work so well to get my clothes clean.

    Posted 8.1.17
  7. Sinisa wrote:

    Kid safety is important when it comes to detergent. Tide has always been a leader brand.

    Posted 8.1.17
  8. Sarah wrote:

    WE love Tide in our home, so happy to see they fixed the problem with kids. Thankfully, we have never had an issue.

    Posted 8.2.17
  9. reesa wrote:

    I have always loved using Tide and I am so glad to see these new safety features. It’s scary how easily a kid can get into something they shouldn’t!

    Posted 8.2.17

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