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Stepping Up My eBay Game: Buying Wholesale

Have you been keeping up with my YouTube channel – Side Hustle Reseller -that I manage with Audrey McClelland completely documenting our eBay and Amazon shenanigans? We are having so much fun dropping daily videos and passing along and tips and tricks we can find. Well, over the weekend, I showcased a new wholesale lot I acquired featuring clothing for men, women, and children. I am “ungated” in clothing on Amazon – so I can sell these products on both the Amazon and eBay platform. I was able to get half out the door yesterday and this weekend, I plan on tackling the rest and getting it loaded onto my eBay store.

If you never thought about buying wholesale for your eBay store – take a look at what I purchased and listen to some of the profits that I plan on receiving if everything goes my way. As a side note, I am always very conservative. I never overreach with my estimates. 9 times out of 10, I hit for below the buy box because I am trying to flip my inventory QUICKLY. So, I think everything I am saying is pretty possible. 🙂

Do you sell on Amazon or eBay? How have you been doing this summer?

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