There’s Just Something About Artichokes


Last night, I indulged during dinner. And by indulged I mean… pigged out. In my defense, I had no idea the artichoke appetizer I ordered was going to come out fried. But it’s not like that stopped me from inhaling it ALL. I’m pretty sure I didn’t ask Audrey if she wanted any either. LOL!


After we paid for the check, we headed to CVS for some nail polish and then Audrey directed me to a diner to get some dessert. OH MY GOODNESS! Cheesecake and apple crumb.

Don’t allow me to complain this week if my jeans don’t fit.

Hey! It’s the holiday season – we’re allowed to now, right???

And I love the hotel we stayed in, but the heat was way off.


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  1. lizzys wrote:

    looked like chicken:)…..sure it was yummy!

    Posted 12.20.11
  2. I call artichokes “God’s Candy”…BEST FOOD EVER!!!!!!!

    Posted 12.20.11

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