The Only Cheese Board That Matters

This cheese board looks more like a piece of art

Honestly, I don’t think I ‘m cool enough for this cheese board. I don’t think my friends are either. Can they handle all that IS the Agate Cheese Board by Anthropologie? Minds will explode. Women will faint. Men will lose their appetite. All we will do is gather ’round this piece of art and stare at all of its wonder. The magic of it all. The mystery. The symbolism.






I don’t know? Because I’m too old to know. By the people at Anthropologie know. Those trend starters. Masters of the game. Makers of dreams.

I don’t even want to dirty this cheese board. I want to wear it around my neck. I want to sleep on it at night. I want to put it in the center of a room and have guests think I am making a statement.

But if you want to throw some dairy on it – go ahead. The Only Cheese Board That Matters

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