Teaching Confidence Through Swimming Thanks To The Goldfish Swim School @GoldfishSwim

My son has been taking classes at Goldfish Swim School for several months now and I can say that I am seeing a shift in his confidence while in the water. At first, he would barely let go of the bars when it wasn’t his turn. Now, he is flipping and flopping around – all while staying within his frame. At four, I don’t expect him to be able to swim several laps in a row, but I am so pleasantly pleased to see his progress.

I noticed that the Goldfish Swim School doesn’t rush things. In fact, we recently switched times because now that my older two are back in class, our original time no longer worked. Each instructor has their own special way of interacting with the kids, but they each do so gently and with patience. As long as I’ve been there, I haven’t had a class with more than 3 kids. That’s not to say it’s not possible – I’m just telling you my experience. The classes at this level are kept small and that’s wonderful. I love how intimate these groups are because at this age they truly need that one-on-one time.

One thing that Caleb struggles with is putting his head underwater. He is a little afraid of it. This is preventing him from moving forward, but each class I see progress and that’s all that I can ask for. The Goldfish Swim School works on getting Caleb more comfortable with this task each week and I am certain we are “THIS CLOSE” to submerging! 

In the end, learning is about having fun. It’s about walking away from a class knowing more than you came with. It’s also about safety and preparedness. I think every child should learn how to swim because it’s such an important skill to have under their belts. The Goldfish Swim School is a great place to start!

Do you send your children to the Goldfish Swim School? What do you think about their classes?

*company provides lessons for review

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