Swimsuit Options For The Summer – 5 Totally Different Styles: Today’s Obsession

I’m in the trenches, folks! I am currently shopping for swimsuits and it’s my least favorite time of the year. There – I said it. Luckily, I found a tankini from Lands’ End that I LOVE. So, honestly, there really isn’t that much pressure on me this season.

Swimsuits for Her

However, if you are in the market for a new swimsuit style, I thought these 5 options could get you started. I searched a bit for a good variety because we all know that women like different things when it comes to swimsuit fashion. So, whether you are in the mood for a cutout or a bikini, there’s something here for you.

A friend of mine wore something similar to the first version – the black off the shoulder look – last year and I adored it!! Not so sure about the tan lines if you are someone who goes to the beach to seriously catch some sun.

But, if you like to slather on that SPF, then it would work for you. I thought it was SO CUTE.

1. Flounce Off The Shoulder Swimsuit // 2. Mini Palm Spring // 3. Scoop Back One Piece //

4. Floral Halter Top // Cutout Lemon One-Piece Swimsuit

Do any of these styles work for you? What is your favorite kind of bathing suit to wear?

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