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I don’t need an app or a calendar to tell me when I’m getting my period. My body lets me know. The day before, I always have tell-tale signs.

  • a slight migraine
  • tender breasts
  • utter exhaustion

I’m usually in bed by 9 and without FAIL, my period comes that next morning. I know every woman in my family has the same exact symptoms as well. This is something we’ve all dealt with our entire lives. I had no idea that anything could help with some of these issues. In fact, I just assumed I would be plagued with all of the above until menopause.

And then I heard about Violet Iodine – a once-daily, non-hormone supplement to promote breast health and alleviate monthly breast discomfort. How incredible!

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The Cause:

Breast tenderness, aches, swelling, heaviness and, for many, even acute pain is caused by high levels of estrogen and prolactin. While it’s best known for its role in the production of milk, prolactin also causes breast cells to build up month after month with each menstrual cycle. This buildup results in swollen breast tissue, which can develop into lumps and masses that put pressure on surrounding nerves, leading to breast discomfort that can last anywhere from several days to a few weeks each month.

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The Solution:

Scientists have confirmed that molecular iodine is clinically demonstrated to be effective in alleviating the most common symptoms of fibrocystic breast condition, including tenderness, aches, heaviness and swelling.

Violet iodine is not a drug; it is an iodine supplement. It is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and can be purchased without a prescription.

Consult a physician prior to use if you:

  • Are pregnant or nursing
  • Have a known allergy or hypersensitivity to iodine
  • Have a history of thyroid disease
  • Are taking prescription medications including lithium or thiouracils (such as Methylthiouracil and Propulthiouracil)
  • Have had bariatric surgery

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You can start feeling better in 60 days and then you can say goodbye to discomfort for good.

Where To Purchase:

Violet Iodine is available at several leading retails. Click here for a complete list.

What About Cost?

The 60-pill starter pack with free case retails for $69.99. The 30-pill refill pack retails for $44.99.

One pill a day can change the way your body feels around your menstrual period. If you suffer from breast tenderness, aches, swelling, and heaviness… it’s worth looking into!

For more information about Violet, click here.

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