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We would LOVE to review your product. Please read the following FAQs and then email [email protected] for more details on the process.

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Chaucee – deets to come

*** FAQ ***

What if I send you a sample and you don’t like my product?

We will never post negative comments about an item. Instead, we will reach out to you and tell you what we found as the issue and not report the information online.

Can I have my sample back after you’ve reviewed it?

No. It is site policy for all writers to keep the products they review.

Can I offer you an incentive to consider my item?

I’ll meet you in a dark alley at 5. 🙂 No – if we like it, we review it.

Who does the reviews?

I some reviews, but most are done by Tana and Chaucee – my super cool staff.

Here are a few questions you should answer yes to before submitting a product:

  • Can your product be purchased online?
  • Is your product safe?
  • Can your product be used by a mother, mother-to-be or a child?

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