Start Working On Your Summer Tan Today With Suave Visible Glow PLUS A GIVEAWAY!!

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Hooked. Hooked. And hooked! Now that I am in my 30s, sunbathing is just not an option. I’ve learned one too many things about the sun I cannot ignore. If I go to the beach, you will find me under an umbrella or with LOTS of sunblock on for SURE.

But I still love a good tan.  Suave® Professionals  Visible Glow™  Self-Tanning Body Lotion is my new solution! I keep a bottle in the bathroom and apply the lotion twice a day. I actually keep it on my sink because then I remember to do it.

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I’ve also been traveling quite a bit and bought a second bottle to add to my travel accessories bag. Yes, I have a bag of beauty goodies that is an exact replica of everything I use on a day-to-day basis. Dry shampoo, concealer, deodorant, moisturizer – you name it and I have a double in my travel bag. Suave® ProfessionalsVisible Glow™  has officially been added to that mix.

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Friends have been complimenting me as well! And once they hear how easy it is to start working on their summer tan, they start their very own routine. Love it! In 2014, you can’t ignore all the negative effects sunbathing has on your skin. Why take the risk?!

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I use Fair to Medium because I am very light skinned. After two weeks, it didn’t turn me orange or leave any streaks. It was a clean, even darker tone and I was so happy with the glowing results!

Visit the Visible Glow tab on the Suave Beauty Facebook page for a chance to win free Suave® Professionals Visible Glow™ Self-Tanning Body Lotion and test out your glow virtually by applying the Visible Glow photo filters to add a gorgeous tan to your photos.

Guess What?! I Have A Contest Of My Own!!

One winner will receive the following prize pack:

  1. 1 bottle of Suave® Professionals Visible Glow™ Self-Tanning Body Lotion Fair to Medium
  2. 1 bottle of Suave® Professionals Visible Glow™ Self-Tanning Body Lotion Medium to Tan

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This post was created in connection with my role as an Influencer for Suave® Professionals Body Care.

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  1. I usually use an instant tanner and always get streaks! Thanks for the review!

    Posted 4.7.14
  2. Karen wrote:

    I’m embarrassed to admit I love a good tan, but usually only get one by being in the sun with no sunblock. Shame on me! Self tanners always smell so bad, but I’ve heard good things about this Suave one, so I’m thinking of giving it a try!

    Posted 4.7.14
  3. Jennifer Reed wrote:

    I love being tan. It makes me feel so much more attractive. I however get this tan by being out in the sun without sunscreen around a swimming pool. Not very healthy!
    jenysa at comcast dot net

    Posted 4.7.14
  4. Sarah VM wrote:

    I generally burn when I try to tan. I usually use sunless tanner.

    Posted 4.7.14
  5. Julie wrote:

    I like being tanned thanks for the giveaway [email protected]

    Posted 4.7.14
  6. heather s wrote:

    I like being tan but I burn easily. I want to try this

    Posted 4.7.14
  7. susie king wrote:

    I’ve never had the tan I wanted. I would love to try Suave Visible Glow.

    Posted 4.8.14
  8. Cynthia C wrote:

    I love the look of a tan, but I don’t often have one because of UV exposure. I use sunscreen regularly.

    Posted 4.8.14
  9. Natalie wrote:

    I like to be tan because it highlights my eyes and makes me look healthier.

    Posted 4.8.14
  10. Tarah wrote:

    I do like when I’m tan because I feel my clothing looks better. I haven’t had time to lay out in the sun to tan with having to chase my kids around. So a tan in a can is my best bet!

    Posted 4.8.14
  11. Darlene Carbajal wrote:

    I like being tan, but no too tan. I get my tan during the summer. 🙂

    Posted 4.8.14
  12. Stephanie wrote:

    i love being tan. self tan!

    Posted 4.8.14
  13. chris z wrote:

    i like being tan i usually get tan from sitting by the pool.

    Posted 4.8.14
  14. Shannon wrote:

    I love being tan because it makes me look thinner! I’ve started using tanning lotion on my legs to be capri and gym ready!

    Posted 4.8.14
  15. happi shopr wrote:

    I love having a tan. I usually get mine from working in the yard.

    Posted 4.8.14
  16. Melissa Hartley wrote:

    I am as white as they come & I would love to try this Suave self-tanner:) I usually just stay out of the sun since I usually burn easy..thanks.

    Posted 4.8.14
    • Melissa Hartley wrote:

      My email:

      Posted 4.8.14
  17. Natalie yeoman wrote:

    Yes I love being tan I join a tanning bed when may starts up

    Posted 4.8.14
  18. Misty Lunceford wrote:

    I love being tan. I usually burn to death, then tan. I am half Irish and really white lol.

    Posted 4.9.14
  19. sandra davis wrote:

    i usually use some kind of self tanning lotion. i love being tan and i use to go to a tanning bed but i have not been in a while

    Posted 4.9.14
  20. Laura Tucker wrote:

    I like to tan, but I an totally anti-tanning bed. That’s why I love this type of product…perfect!

    Posted 4.9.14
  21. heather eg kaufman wrote:

    I love being tan, but I hate the sun. I am usually pale…lol

    Posted 4.9.14
  22. Jennifer Monteiro wrote:

    I use sunless tan products because real tans are too damaging for the skin.

    Posted 4.9.14
  23. I usually tan in the summer but it takes awhile because I put so much sun screen on

    Posted 4.9.14
  24. Michelle C wrote:

    I would love to be tan, but I’ve been too afraid of the side effects… This looks like a great solution. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

    Posted 4.9.14
  25. Maria B wrote:

    I like to gradually tan outside.

    Posted 4.10.14
  26. Amy T. wrote:

    I normally try to tan sunlessly to avoid sun damage to my skin. I do like to tan naturally on occassion like when I’m vacationing at the beach.

    Posted 4.10.14
  27. H.E. DeLuna wrote:

    I usually get a light tan during the summer but othewise I have that pasty look the rest of the year. I could definitely use this product.

    Posted 4.10.14
  28. Trisha wrote:

    I do not try to tan anymore by sun or salon but I do like to use a self tanner. I usually do a nice mild shade.

    Posted 4.10.14
  29. Brittney House wrote:

    I’m African American so I don’t need to tan lol But this would be for my best friend. She loves being tan but does not tan easily at all.

    Posted 4.10.14
  30. Rebecca O wrote:

    I love being tan but am avoiding it because of skin damage 🙁 I have started using sunscreen and self tanner.

    Posted 4.10.14
  31. Starla B wrote:

    I love being tan, and I use to tan years ago in the tanning bed. I have laid off of it, I am in the midst of trying tons of new self tanners!

    Posted 4.11.14
  32. Danielle Jones wrote:

    I like to be tan because it makes my legs look better in dresses. However i’m fair complected so I don’t tan well and of course now I know that it isn’t safe to lay in the tanning bed.

    Posted 4.11.14
  33. Carla D. wrote:

    I absolutely love being tan. I feel way more confident about myself when I am. However I was going about getting tan the wrong way by going to tanning beds. Now I spend some time out in the sun and that is it.

    Posted 4.11.14
  34. liz l wrote:

    I tan right before our annual trip. Love sally hansen

    Posted 4.11.14
  35. Kate Newton wrote:

    I typically use the Jergens flow stuff to get a little bit of a tan look on my arms and legs. Either that or just go out and do yard work. I try not to stay out in the sun too long though..for health reasons. Thanks for the opportunity to win..I’d love to try these Suave products.

    Posted 4.12.14
  36. Jennifer Dunaway wrote:

    I would love to be tan but I burn instead.

    Posted 4.12.14
  37. Mihaela Day wrote:

    I love the look of a tan, but I don’t often have one because of UV exposure. However, I prefer the natural beach tan

    Posted 4.12.14
  38. Karrie Millheim wrote:

    I use lotions that have a self tanner in it. I would rather have a sun tan though

    Posted 4.12.14
  39. susan smoaks wrote:

    i like to be tan but i don’t do anything to get tan yet. i am tony l smoaks on rafflecopter.

    Posted 4.12.14
  40. MARIA simon wrote:

    I love to tan but I also use self tanners 🙂 thanks for the chance

    Posted 4.12.14
  41. Sky Evans wrote:

    I do like being tan.

    Posted 4.12.14
  42. Ashley Fryer wrote:

    I do like being tan, but don’t want wrinkles so I use self tanner.

    Posted 4.12.14
  43. I love being tan but I can’t just sit outside either so I never achieve the color I want. Mostly the color I get is this shade of red – LOL

    Posted 4.13.14
    • Why can’t I ever remember my email until after I hit the submit key – LOL – janicecrespo at gmail dot com

      Posted 4.13.14
  44. Karen T Gonyea wrote:

    I am lucky that I was blessed with naturally dark skin so I don’t have the need to “sunbathe”, but it’s really nice to add an extra glow for special occasions !!

    Posted 4.13.14
  45. kim wrote:

    I love being tan I think it makes you look healthier I used to lay out in the sun now with skin cancer risks I use self tanner it looks just as good

    Posted 4.13.14
  46. John Hutchens wrote:

    I like a tan so I use self tanners

    Posted 4.13.14
  47. Alex A wrote:

    I love being tan! I get my tan during the summer.

    Posted 4.13.14
  48. Samantha Hill wrote:

    I love being tan but I’m naturally really pale so subtle fake tanners are my favorite

    Posted 4.13.14
  49. Misha Estrada wrote:

    I like being tan, but most of the time I am really white. Sometimes I use self-tanning lotions.

    Posted 4.13.14
  50. Kelly wrote:

    I’m normally super pale but I love being tan.

    Posted 4.13.14
  51. I like being a bit colored up, and enjoy siting out for some sun to get it

    Posted 4.13.14
  52. Bryan E. wrote:

    Thanks for the giveaway…a tan is part of living in desert southwest, but we still use sunscreen year-round !

    Posted 4.13.14
  53. Lorina Padgett wrote:

    i go to the beach to get a tan

    Posted 4.13.14
  54. Anonymous wrote:
    Posted 5.3.14

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