Sound Off: Disney World To Start Serving Beer During Dinner Hours In Fantasyland (VIDEO)

Disney has announced that it plans to serve beer starting November in Fantasyland. There will be one restaurant called ‘Be Our Guest’ and beer will be served during dinner. A lot of people are upset by this fact. I am curious to see what you think.

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  1. Veronica wrote:

    There are A LOT of bad parents out there with A LOT of misbehaved, unruley children in one of the MOST OUTLANDISH and EXPENSIVE tourist traps in the world. Drinks are definitely in order.

    But my question is, they are only serving beer? Do they know that a Mickey Mouse shot will have a 300% markup for them? 1 shot in a souvenir Mickey Shot Glass (or Sebatastian cause he looked like a drinker) would be $29.99. Its fantastic! After having to navigate chaos all day, why not pound one down with your QuickService meal. Just don’t get plastered and try to take out Gaston.

    Posted 9.26.12
  2. Sherry wrote:

    I live in a state where drinking is the “norm” at every function, every festival, every everything – whether it’s a family thing or not. It’s over the top. (In fact, our college isn’t ever included in statistics about college drinking because it is SO OFF THE CHARTS and our DUI numbers are through the roof for the entire state.) I don’t drink at family type things -with or without my own kids-. If I’m at Disney with my kids – I don’t want to drink beer nor do I want to deal with parents who are idiots and can’t pace themselves and will act even worse by the addition of alcohol. You know “Those” parents – the ones crabby already about the crowds, the lines, the high prices – the ones with the entitled attitudes and the bratty kids.

    That said, I’ve not been to Disney because we could never afford it, but if there are other areas that already sell alcohol that are family areas – then I guess I’m not understanding what the huge issue is.

    Posted 9.26.12
  3. Naomi wrote:

    I personally don’t think it’s that big of a deal because, according to what you said, it’s only going to be in one restaurant starting at dinner hours…so it’s not like it’s available the entire day. Plus it’s beer.. Not hard liquor and going off of a previous comment, I’m sure it will have a rediculous markup so that will deter the excess consumption I think. And how are people going to be able to access it unless they going in that restaurant and eat?! Maybe they’ll have a rule where you can only drink on the restaurant premises, no bottles outside in the park. I think people are just making wayyyy too big a deal out of this. Trust me, disneyworld is expensive enough without adding the beer to it. I wouldn’t be too worried.

    Posted 9.26.12

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